Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

 This week River from Drifting Through Life (you can find her in my sidebar) is providing the prompts for Words For Wednesday.
The words this week are; notebook, qualities, doubt, join, hundred, instead   and/or   flying, signed, connections, manufacture, fifth, and ramp.

Here we go:

Mary had qualities that left him breathless.  He had no doubt she was the one for him.  Every day after school this week she stopped and talked to him outside the school, then he took her math notebook home with him and did her homework for her.  Every morning this week she met him outside the school, greeted him warmly, then signed her name to the work and went flying up the steps with her friends.  Not a word of thanks mind you, but that smile was worth the extra time spent doing her homework for her.  James would take a deep breath and wheel his chair up the ramp and into the building.  His friends had been trying to tell him no connection was possible with this girl, she was way too cool for him.  Some friends, James thought.  Still, when he thought about it, it did seem impossible.
Sighing, he waited patiently at the bottom of the steps Friday night.  He was planning on telling her he was no longer going to do her work for her.   It would be difficult but it had to be done.  Mary, however, had other ideas.
“Todd, sweetie…”  Mary breathed, “you’ve been so good to me all week.  Why don’t you join me at the Hundred Shakes Shop for a milkshake?  I’ll be there in about half an hour.  I have to go home first.” 
Todd, instead of ending the ‘homework connection’ found himself reaching for the notebook and saying, “I’d love to.”

Madge and Cecily, watching from the top of the steps, giggled and whispered together.  “She’s so good she can manufacture any kind of situation to sucker these geeks.  He’s the fifth one this month.”
Mary danced her way down the sidewalk to her home.  Todd had seemed like a real geek at first but after talking to him this week she realized he was a really nice guy.  She wanted to look extra nice when she met him at the Shake Shop.


  1. I like this. Perhaps Mary will come to see Todd as a genuine friend, not just someone to do her homework for her. I do hope she realises that not doing her own homework will maybe cause her to fail exams.
    Great use of the words Delores.

    1. Oh I kind of think Mary is going to suggest private math lessons from a certain 'expert'.

  2. I love this. And am very glad that Mary isn't as shallow as her friends.

  3. I love this, too...and poked my tongue out at her gossipy so-called friends! That'll teach 'em! :)

  4. Awww ... I love a happy ending :)

  5. I'm so pleased you decided on a happy ending ...
    Loved this story.

    All the best Jan

  6. Good surprise ending! I was prepared to dislike her for using Todd like that, but then she went and fooled me. Good job!


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