Thursday, 23 March 2017

True Grit

Yesterday a good many Canadians were glued to their televisions.  News coming out of Great Britain was about a cowardly and savage attack in London, the very heart of the country, in front of the sitting House and on Westminster Bridge, the very heart of the city.  
The lone attacker mowed down helpless pedestrians on the bridge and savagely stabbed a policeman to death outside the House as he endeavoured with his last breath to protect those inside going about the nations business.
First responders wasted no time in eliminating the threat and aiding those injured on the bridge.
Four people, including the attacker and the policeman he stabbed to death, died.  Twenty nine people were injured, Brits and tourists alike.
Our dear old queen, veteran of unspeakable situations, addressed her nation and expressed her sorrow and sympathy for all involved.  Prime Minister May informed the nation that they would never buckle under terrorism.
Keep Calm and Carry On is the watchword of the day as Brits this morning go about their daily routines with a 'stiff upper lip'.
Our mother country continues to inspire us with her courage, determination and 'true grit'.
Canadians hearts are with you all.


  1. Replies
    1. Really just a sad little man whose mind was weak and easily warped by the forces of evil in this world.

  2. the story is all over our media here and I was reminded of a similar incident in Australia not so long ago when a man (terrorist) deliberately drove into a pedestrian mall and ran down several people.

  3. And yet ... it happens all over the world, every single day. We have gotten used to it happening in some places, but that doesn't make it any less horrific. It becomes easier to empathize when it happens closer to home, that's all. I'm not sure whether I could just forge ahead if it happened near me.

  4. I commented elsewhere this morning, this is happening all the time and we put the pieces back together every time. But the ball is so shattered.

  5. Heartbreaking! These horrors keep on coming.and there are no words left to say anymore. Americans love the Brits and all her lands, and we mourn with you.

  6. These events are becoming greater in number. So sad for the Brits. Who will be next? Scary.

  7. We will never cower to the cowards....

  8. We do put the pieces back.
    We do carry on.

    My thoughts to all who were caught up in this and have been affected.

    All the best Jan


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