Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




Have some fun with these.


  1. Wow! Such a diverse mix. What a challenge. My mind is already weaving sentences that don't make sense yet.

    1. Awaiting your story....they are always good.

  2. I'm going to have to stop this....I'm first past the post again!

    "The first day I entered the coal MINING town of Collinsville in Queensland’s rich Bowen Basin I felt as if a red CARPET had been SPREAD out before me. My IMPENDING arrival was known to a future staff member who lived opposite the house in which I would dwell during my tenure as chef/manager at the Mess/Canteen catering for single men’s (coal miners) food and accommodation needs.

    I’d not long unloaded my car, and had started unpacking a suitcase when I heard a knock on the front door of my new abode.

    Opening the door, I was greeted by a stranger with a wide, sincere smile across her bonny face. In her hands she bore a cake dripping with a rich BUTTERSCOTCH-GLUCOSE syrup sauce.

    Seeing the generous welcome gift my face lit up with a smile to MIMIC that of my surprise visitor.

    At the time of my arrival I wasn’t aware I was to SPEND three years in the town. I was excited at the thought of the fun that lay ahead.. However, I had enough INTELLIGENCE to know it wouldn’t be all fun and games.

    From that moment forward, my neighbour-come-staff-member and I forged a solid friendship. I couldn’t have wished for a better friend , neighbour or co-worker.

    She was a DECENT, hard-working woman a few years younger than me who knew only one speed. She would never be mistaken for a CADAVER, that’s for sure. Never still, she skipped instead of walked. Nothing was ever a burden .

    When it came time for me to write a reference for her it was no problem whatsoever to COLLATE her abilities; to enthuse about her enthusiasm for any job put before her; her efficiency was beyond measure."

    1. Oops....River snuck in while I was posting and proof-reading! :)

    2. Great use of the words and wow does that woman sound like the employee of the year.

  3. Nice story Lee, I remember being happy enough to skip and zip about while working. I do like your memories and how they often fit so well with the words.

  4. Thanks, Delores and River. Yes....this really did happen and my happy, welcoming neighbour/employee did, too. Tee words just seemed to fit perfectly for me this week....fact, not fiction. :)

    1. I love it when a true story is a happy story.

    2. PS....Typo Alert!!!!! (Imagine the siren blasting in the background)!! "The words" is, of course, what I meant to type!! Now I'm off to the corner to sulk now! :)

  5. Lee, I cannot read your post until I write my own. These are great words but will be difficult. I know you managed it well and I will be back. Cannot wait to read the others. My brain is spinning.

  6. Not easy words ... as always I look forward to reading the many posts (sorry I'm still only a reader with these)

    All the best Jan

    1. There would be no point in writing if we had no readers. Read on Read on

  7. BRAVO Lee! As usual you did a fantastic job with all 12 words. I finally had to give up on trying this week. Just too much going on.


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