Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




Have some fun with these.


  1. Thank you Delores, I'll see what I can come up with and post my story on Friday.

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  3. Here I am, and running...I hope I don't trip! :)

    "Casey reached for the damp SPONGE. The BONES found during the dig were showing characteristics of being of a great, HOARY age. She began gently wiping the dirt from her precious discovery.

    At first, upon finding the bones her mind went BLANK. The possibility of the importance of her find left her feeling stunned. The possibility she could be wrong was too PAINFUL for her to consider at that moment in time.

    Desperately she tried to hide her excitement; to PRETEND the morning was the same as the morning before, and the one before that and so on.

    Perhaps, finally after the long, hot, dusty hours spent toiling day after day over the past 12 months in the archaeological dig trying to discover remnants, some traces, of the lost the ancient TRANSIENT nomadic Celtic CLAN, Casey had found proof that she’d been right all along.

    It was unknown the exact the time of the clan’s DESTRUCTION at the hands of foreign invaders, but Casey had stuck to her guns, feeling deep within she was correct in her assumptions. The other mocked her because she was new to the camp, and younger than them.

    Pondering on her find, Casey reached into her backpack for the container full of ripe, luscious GOOSEBERRIES she’d brought with her. The fruit grew wild and free around the archaeologists’ camp site. Obviously they relished the dry conditions under the heat of the sun.

    Casey sat back on her haunches to allow herself a few alone moments to INDULGE in her present TRAIN of thoughts. Adrenaline rushed through her veins. She wanted to believe that today she had found an important part of history.

    If her discovery proofed incorrect, it would be PAINFUL to face the criticism and laughter she would receive from her peers.

    But she was sure she would have the last laugh."

    1. Wow...hope it doesn't turn out to be raccoon bones lol. Great job.

    2. Good one Lee; you've gone into ancient history as I have. Read mine tomorrow.

    3. Thanks Delores and River. :)

      I look forward, as I always do, to reading yours tomorrow, River. :)

    4. Of course it will be a historic find and Casey will be famous for her efforts. Another good one Lee! WooHoo!

  4. Lee did a great job tying that hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated words together.

    1. She sure did. Care to give it a try?

    2. I would love to have Susan join in, I always enjoy her regular posts and would enjoy seeing what she makes of the weekly challenge.

  5. Now that is quite a selection of words.
    I enjoyed Lee's, and I'm sure there will be others here and on other blogs that I will enjoy.

    All the best Jan

  6. Unfortunately, I didn't use all the words, but I used them passionately.

    My mind a perfect blank
    until the really darling
    approached with a can
    to freeze
    a needle to poke
    a sponge to sop the tears
    of agony from the
    of my acceptance
    the pause
    in my transient belief
    the shot would be

    1. Fantastic.....and those shots are NEVER painless lol.

    2. The shots are NEVER painless. At least kids get suckers. Great job Mage.

  7. Here is my contribution. Great words Delores. I have also posted this on my blog.

    OOPS by Granny Annie

    The CLAN gathered round
    BONES in the crematory
    Piled like a SPONGE
    Flesh appeared HOARY.

    They could not PRETEND
    A reason for DESTRUCTION.
    Flames grabbed the mortician...
    A system malfunction.

    1. Oh my gosh...that's hilarious. Great job.

    2. Hahahahaha! I love it, Annie! Thanks for the laugh! :)

      You do have a twisted mind, my dear...and I love it!!! lol


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