Thursday, 23 February 2017

Using Words For Wednesday

 The words, I will admit, were a bit of a challenge this week.
Gaseous, green, ghostly, grammar, glob and ghoul
Dastardly, dunce, dragon, destiny, Doberman and dinner

Here we go:

 “Where” the dragon asked in a deceptively quiet voice, “is my dinner?”
A ghostly, gaseous green vapour rose to ceiling height over his head, quivering slightly, as though even ghosts and ghouls recognised a dangerous situation when they saw it.
“I haven’t got your dinner.” Elspeth said sternly.  “You don’t deserve a dinner after your dastardly behaviour at lunch.”
“What” hissed the dragon, “dastardly behaviour are you referring to, little girl?”
“Well, for one thing you left a big glob of mashed potato on the carpet for me to clean up and you didn’t even apologise.”  Elspeth looked the dragon right in its blazing red eyes.  “Also,” she continued, “your grammar has been atrocious lately.  I taught you better than this you know.  If you can’t behave yourself any better than this I’m going to send you to the pound and I’m going to adopt that sweet little Doberman puppy in your place.”
The dragon reared its head back and fanned its scales.  One huge tear dropped from its eye and sizzled on the floor.
“I’m no dunce.” The dragon whined.  “I’ll be good.  I don’t want my destiny to be ‘euthanized at the pound’.  Besides, I really like it here with you.”

“Well there you are then, I’ll see you in the morning with your breakfast.  Fried toads and rabbit ears.”


  1. I like this very much! (and you used my name:D)

  2. Dragons always get a bad rap, but truly they are just big dogs.

  3. Sometimes I feel like my younger dog is a dragon. LOL Great job with your story and great job with your February Words for Wednesday.

  4. Oh, this is marvelous! Can Elspeth come and visit at my house?

  5. How nice to have a child's imagination. I think I lost mine a while ago.

  6. Oh, excellent! Elspeth is spunky :) (I had a classmate named Elspeth. I haven't heard the name since I left school.)

  7. Aw, lessons to be learned! Super!

  8. I used to know a girl called Elspeth, she was very nice, and I recall had lovely blonde hair that I was quite envious of ... haven't heard the name for quite a long time.

    I really liked this story, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  9. It sure didn't seem like you had any trouble at all making those words word in a story. Good job!

    The mashed potatoes on the floor is one thing, but lousy grammar is totally unacceptable, even in a dragon. :)


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