Monday, 13 February 2017

Deep Breaths.....Deeeeeep Breaths

Knitting; it's supposed to be relaxing.  It's supposed to calm the nerves.  It CAN be relaxing and calming if you have a serene environment AND nothing goes wrong.
You know it doesn't bode well for your knitting day when you have trouble before you even put the stitches on the needle.
I bought a skein of Bernat in a lovely, child friendly shade of purple.  Once home I got myself all comfy on the couch and proceeded to open the skein.  Now where is the end I wondered....looked all over the skein, no end in sight.  Then I spied what I assumed was the end tucked into the centre of the skein so I gave it a gentle tug.  The resulting nightmare that spewed out of the centre  of the skein left it looking like a woolly purple squid.  Then I found the real end right out there in the open..why  I didn't see it before I will never know.  Now it was necessary to 'ball the skein' because if I tried to use it the way it was there would just be one tangle after another to deal with.  So, balling the skein, and having to be very careful not to get all the 'squid' appendages tangled up.  I managed to get about three quarters of the skein balled before I got to the tangled mess in the middle.  There I stopped, cut the yarn, and tossed the now skinny squid into my knitting basket for attention at a later date.
Now would't you think that was enough trouble for one knitting day?  Ah...but you see I am not the only person in the house who uses the couch.  The hockey game is coming on.  "No problem "says the hubs "I'll just tune my hearing aids into the little device I got at the hearing aid place and I'll mute the TV. "   What a great guy eh?  But you see, when the TV is muted and it is so lovely and quiet and I'm knitting peacefully finding that promised calm I am not aware of those exciting moments that will spur the hubs into a loud guffaw or an angry shout at a player.  So....peaceful and quiet....and then a loud shout that startles me so badly I jerk and the stitches come off the needle.
Halfway through the game the phone rings.  He can't hear the phone because he's tuned in to the TV.  I have to answer the phone trailing yarn and needles through the house to the kitchen.  It's the daughter.  Half an hour of listening to her problems and the knitting is now in shambles.   I have no idea where I am so I just pull it all out, roll it up and start again.  At this point the hubs, coming out of his hockey trance, looks at me and says, "Are you still balling that skein?"


  1. LOL! Sounds like some days here! Oh dear ... maybe today is just not auspicious for knitting ... try again tomorrow ....

  2. Well deserved aaarrrggghhh. Some days that's just how it is.

  3. LOL!

    Aaaaaarrrrrgh!!!!! just about says it all !!!

    All the best Jan


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