Friday, 24 February 2017

Bed Head

Are you a bed maker?  Do you make your bed every day, first thing?  Do you leave it unmade for a while to air out?  Do you open the window regardless of the weather to air the bed/room before making the bed?  Do you use a duvet or a comforter or blankets...or a combination thereof?  Do you wash your sheets every day or every week or is that too personal a question to ask?
Most days I open the window and let the bed/room air for half an hour or so but there are days when there is just too too much to get done and I find myself falling into an unmade bed at night.  It doesn't feel good.  I have an old fashioned bedspread that I turn down each night so I have blankets on my bed.  I would love to have fresh sheets every day but I'm far to lazy to do that much laundry so I settle for once a week.
I just have one more question.  Why is it that company always drops in on the day you didn't make your bed?


  1. not often enough, and always keep a window open a bit.

  2. When we moved in together years ago, Mom's bedroom was just across from mine. She asked if I would make my bed every day. I responded probably not. "If you don't, I will," she replied. I've made my bed daily since then.

  3. I'm always the first one up in the morning, so I have to wait until Smarticus is up and about before I can make the bed. (I have a feeling he wouldn't appreciate me trying to make it around him.) Making the bed takes so little time, (even with two cats "helping" me) and it makes me feel better to get 'er done.

    When I was young, I changed the sheets every other day, but that's too much work. Back then, I always hung the sheets on the clothesline, and they smelled soooooo good. That's too much work, too. (See a pattern here...?) Once a week usually suffices, but in the summer, I sometimes up it to twice.

  4. Always make the bed in the morning ... after the all important first cup of tea!
    You can't beat fresh sheets - and sheets that have been line dried!

    All the best Jan

  5. I make the bed every day after breakfast (so it airs out); the room looks a thousand percent better and I feel like I'm starting the day off right. It all goes downhill from there, though!

  6. I never make the bed. Is that weird? Never have! My husband is a napper so if he's working from home, I know he's going to take a nap around lunchtime, so no point in making it. If he's out of town, I barely mess up the covers at all, so no need to make it. But are we supposed to open the windows? I didn't know that!

  7. I don't make my bed every day, either. I live alone...and I care not if I care if it's made not. Remy and Shama, my two furred, four-legged rascals don't care if their bed is made or not. I like it airing, anyway...and even more particularly during the hot weather we've been experiencing.

    My windows are always open (all year round) unless a storm arrives driving the rain through the window above my bed...otherwise...all windows throughout my cabin are always open. I hate the place being all shut up without fresh air flow. It would drive me crazy if everything was closed up all the time.

    I have a doona, with replaceable covers. During winter the doona, a couple of cotton blankets and a merino wool blanket are all I need. During summer...I still have a cotton blanket on the bed, but mostly during summer I sleep with just a sheet over me.

    When I win the lottery I'll have someone come in and put clean sheets on my king-size bed every day..but until then I'll have to change the sheets myself, not once a day...but once a week.

  8. If I'm going somewhere and have to catch an early bus, I'll make the bed as soon as I get out of it, otherwise I throw back the covers and let it air while I dress and eat breakfast.the door to the back porch is almost always open, so the room gets plenty of air. I shower before bed, so the sheets stay clean in winter, but get sweaty in summer if the nights are hot, so washing gets done more often in summer and because my head sweats the most I wash the pillows too. I have a doona, covered by a pretty patchwork silk quilt, that in turn is covered by another not so nice quilt because Angel sleeps there too. On hot nights all those are folded back and I just keep a sheet over me in case of mosquitoes, in winter an extra doona is added under the bottom sheet and another in between the top covers, so I'm still warm enough to sleep even with the porch door open because I like to breathe cold air and so Angel can go out there if he wants to.


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