Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Little Early But That's Okay

We're having our Valentine luncheon with the kidlets today (and their parents of course).  The Big Day falls during the school week so we decided to take advantage of the weekend.  I have a nice meal planned out, yummy snacks for beteweens and, of course, gifts for the littles.  We don't go overboard with Valentine gifts...just a token gift.  I got them corking sets (I mentioned that in a previous post I think....It's A Corker).  It will be our only nod to Cupid.  The actual day will pass here without recognition.  Do you have plans for a Valentine Day celebration with your family or sweetie?  I think I may choose Feb 14 as the day this month that we have lunch out.  What do you think?


  1. I think your plans are lovely. I don't do Valentine's Day, not too many people I know do, but quite a few of the younger people do now. As far as I know it's only such a big event in America and Canada, like Halloween.

  2. We usually go out to dinner. Years ago, we use to try to make it special, but now I am OK with just going to our local place for something light to eat. My appetite and creativity have waned.

  3. We already have reservations for Tuesday night--5pm. It sounds like we're old, but mostly it's that I'm on a diet and if we eat early enough, I can eat light most of the day to have calories left for dinner! If it's too late, I end up snacking.

  4. We do cards here and that is all. How did your grands like the corking sets?

  5. Your Saturday plans sound good to me, and as it's Sunday evening as I type this - I hope you all had a lovely time.

    Why not have lunch out on Tuesday!

    All the best Jan

  6. I think celebrating St. Valentine's Day is lots of fun. I used to...and I've nothing against it in anyway. I hope you all had a wonderful time. :)


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