Monday, 27 February 2017

Poetry Monday

Moisture Magic

seeping into corners of fence rows,
undulating over fields,
it drapes the woods
with bridal veils,
distorts the most familiar of objects
into images of horror,
coats window panes
and branches
with pearls,  beads,  of moisture
lending mystery and magic
to the everyday,
then, gently lays
a cold wet kiss on your cheek.
                              It’s foggy today.

Sunday, 26 February 2017


Nothing comes to mind.
Pen to paper,
a couple of words,
scratch them out,
start again.
Crumple the paper,
empty the garbage,
look out the window,
I got nothin'.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the hubs 73rd birthday.  His birthday was really on Thursday but we have our 'do' on the weekend.  Turkey dinner is on the menu and carrot muffins for dessert as the hubs wouldn't touch a sugar laden birthday cake with a ten foot birthday candle.  He says he'd rather just forget the whole thing but I know he'd be disappointed if we didn't make just a little fuss.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Bed Head

Are you a bed maker?  Do you make your bed every day, first thing?  Do you leave it unmade for a while to air out?  Do you open the window regardless of the weather to air the bed/room before making the bed?  Do you use a duvet or a comforter or blankets...or a combination thereof?  Do you wash your sheets every day or every week or is that too personal a question to ask?
Most days I open the window and let the bed/room air for half an hour or so but there are days when there is just too too much to get done and I find myself falling into an unmade bed at night.  It doesn't feel good.  I have an old fashioned bedspread that I turn down each night so I have blankets on my bed.  I would love to have fresh sheets every day but I'm far to lazy to do that much laundry so I settle for once a week.
I just have one more question.  Why is it that company always drops in on the day you didn't make your bed?

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Using Words For Wednesday

 The words, I will admit, were a bit of a challenge this week.
Gaseous, green, ghostly, grammar, glob and ghoul
Dastardly, dunce, dragon, destiny, Doberman and dinner

Here we go:

 “Where” the dragon asked in a deceptively quiet voice, “is my dinner?”
A ghostly, gaseous green vapour rose to ceiling height over his head, quivering slightly, as though even ghosts and ghouls recognised a dangerous situation when they saw it.
“I haven’t got your dinner.” Elspeth said sternly.  “You don’t deserve a dinner after your dastardly behaviour at lunch.”
“What” hissed the dragon, “dastardly behaviour are you referring to, little girl?”
“Well, for one thing you left a big glob of mashed potato on the carpet for me to clean up and you didn’t even apologise.”  Elspeth looked the dragon right in its blazing red eyes.  “Also,” she continued, “your grammar has been atrocious lately.  I taught you better than this you know.  If you can’t behave yourself any better than this I’m going to send you to the pound and I’m going to adopt that sweet little Doberman puppy in your place.”
The dragon reared its head back and fanned its scales.  One huge tear dropped from its eye and sizzled on the floor.
“I’m no dunce.” The dragon whined.  “I’ll be good.  I don’t want my destiny to be ‘euthanized at the pound’.  Besides, I really like it here with you.”

“Well there you are then, I’ll see you in the morning with your breakfast.  Fried toads and rabbit ears.”

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Next Month River at Drifting Through Life will be providing the prompts.  You can find her in my sidebar.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




It's the end of the month and the end of my turn with Words For Wednesday so I thought I would give you some really fun words to play with.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helpful Healing Hopeful Thoughts

Our friend Gary from Klahanie (you can find him in my side bar) Is going through one of those 'difficult' times we all from time to time come across in our lives.   He has turned off his comments for the time being as it is just too much for him to to respond to us all.  He needs our Hopeful Healing Helpful Thoughts to fly his way to give him encouragement and support.  We are thinking of you Gary and hoping that you will soon be back to your usual positive self.

Long Forgotten

Deep, dark eyes
meet mine
over the business end
of a pacifier.
They are rich
with a knowledge
I have long forgotten.
Soon, he too 
will forget the magic
of those early days; 
the memory 
of what came
before the light
and the noise,
the life.
One day
I will remember,
when it's time
to return.

She's Sneaky

This past weekend ( a long weekend for us due to Family Day) was simply splendid weather wise.  We had well above average temperatures which continue into today and our snow is almost gone.  I am grateful for this gift from Mother Nature BUT after almost seventy years in this part of the world I have learned a thing or three.  "What have I learned?" you ask.  Okay I know you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyway.  I've learned Mother Nature is a sadistic old broad.  She lulls you into thinking it's an early spring and then blasts you with four to eight weeks of winter weather from Hell.  Don't hold your breath folks.  It ain't over yet.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Poetry Monday

Our friend Diane 'On the Alberta Montana Border' has started Poetry Monday.  Let's all join in.  Readers and writers alike. doesn't have to rhyme you know.  You can find Diane in my sidebar.

Was It Enough?

It seemed
like such a short time
for such a long time passing.
Seventy years
on this green and glorious earth
and now,
any time left
seems so short
with the finish line
within sight.
And, looking back,
one wonders
if more could not have been accomplished,
and also,
what still could.
Was it enough?
Enough for what?
Enough to say,

“I was here.  I am here.  I will always be here.”

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Now You See Me, Now You Don't


Have you ever been invisible, felt invisible, wondered why no one seemed to see or hear you, were grateful no one noticed you?  Did you learn how to use being invisible for your own benefit?  Have you ever wished you WERE invisible?
I was invisible all through high school, and, being extremely shy I was grateful for my super power and I did take advantage of it.
No one seemed to notice if I took a bathroom break at the beginning of gym class and never came back or if I disappeared in the middle of a school day and just walked home.  The mean girls never bothered me because they just didn’t see me.  When volunteers were asked for in class I had no fear of being chosen.
My cloak of invisibility eventually either failed or fell off but by that time I was a little more confident and could handle being seen.

Have you ever been invisible?  

Saturday, 18 February 2017


They are coming across our border, struggling with the cold and snow and the weight of their belongings and the crushing burden of fear.  It wouldn't be the first time people fleeing oppression, real or perceived, crossed into Canada from South of our border.  Some of my own ancestors came here the very same way.  They were United Empire Loyalists fleeing a very primitive form of oppression in the form of beatings, torture and outright murder.  Some of my ancestors came from Ireland during the famine and some from England searching for gainful employment.  Some came from Germany.  Everyone in this country, if they are not First Nations, is an immigrant, or the son or daughter of an immigrant, or the son or daughter of the son or daughter of an immigrant.  No...not the first time and probably not the last. A long line of immigrants built this country.  We did a damn fine job of it too.   Now, we are Canadians.  May you find the peace you seek here and be proud to call yourselves, Canadian..

Friday, 17 February 2017

Please, Contain Your Excitement

Jet setting seniors living the good life.  You know the ones I mean; those seniors who spend half the year in a warm climate.  They spend their days going on tours, skiing, para sailing, golfing, taking dance and tennis lessons, walking their matching dogs.  I don't know any of these people personally but I'm told by reputable sources that they do exist.
I was just thinking about my day and comparing it to this glowing example of retirement.
We were up at 'half past sparrow fart' and scraped a quarter inch of perma frost off the car so we could pick the Momma and wee man up for his before school doctors appointment.  The morning was spent waiting, driving, waiting, driving and driving some more.  By the time we got home it was time for lunch (left overs) and the news (none of it good).  Now we will head out for groceries.  By the time we get groceries, go to the bank, put the groceries away and clean the produce it will be time for supper, then news, then TV and knitting and so to bed.
It really doesn't stack up well with the retirement lifestyle we are all apparently aiming for.
Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.  It's laundry day.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Here we go:

 “Extreme weather warning.” The radio blared.  Rosemary looked out the window at the wind and driving rain.  “Why couldn’t Uncle Albert have been buried yesterday?” she moaned.  “Yesterday the heat could sizzle an egg on the hood of your car.”
“At least,” ventured Meg, “he paid ahead for his funeral and arranged for limo’s to pick us up at the door.”  Meg could always find a bright side.  No wonder she annoyed Rosemary so badly.
“Well isn’t that just splendid.” Rosemary snarled.  “When I get blown into the open grave with good old ‘unc’ I’ll paste a big smile on my face and pretend I enjoyed it.”

Meg signed and watched Rosemary waltz out to the limo, letting the driver wrestle with her plaid  umbrella.  “She has such a jarring personality.” She lamented.   It’s like all nasty things blended into one and poured into Rosemary.  If I wasn’t her sister I couldn’t be paid enough to spend time with her.  Just wait until she finds out dear old Uncle Albert didn’t leave her anything in the will.”

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




Good luck with these.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Do You Remember?

Care to take yet another stroll down ‘memory lane’ with me?  Who here remembers horehound candy?

Horehound came in approximately 6 inch twisted sticks about an inch thick.  It was bitter and it was sweet.  It was delightful.   I’m not sure where Dad got it but every so often he would come home from work with a small brown paper sack of those heavenly twisted sticks.  He would put the sack on the breadboard and smash it a few times with the broad side of a hammer.  Much the same treatment he used for peanut brittle.  Oooooh, peanut brittle.  The stuff they sell now isn’t nearly as good.  Just recently I found out that the candy store here in Guelph makes it from scratch and it is much more like the peanut brittle I remember.  Lovely and smooth and buttery with delectable chunks of peanut.  Mmmmmm.  Oh, and that makes me think of MacIntosh toffee.  It was sold in a little flat tartan printed box.    Okay, enough of this.  I’m starting to crave sugar and I don’t want to….hey, remember humbugs  oh, and scotch mints and those round chocolate covered peppermint patties, and cherry blossoms?      

Monday, 13 February 2017

More Fun In The Offing

Diane Tolley of On The Alberta Montana Border ( or you can find her in my sidebar, has just had an exceptional, phenomenal, delightful, exciting idea.  Poetry Monday.  What do you think of that?  Let's all join in.  If you don't want to write, you can always read.  Something for everyone right?  Right!  I think she started out just going to do Poetry Monday by herself but the devils advocate ( who could that be?) put the bug in her ear to make it a 'thing' we could all participate in.  We're all about participation right?  Right!

Knit Knack

I sat down to knit
my nerves to calm.
The notion of knitting
as a balm
is pure hogwash.

Knots and tangles,
the wool a mangle,
loud distractions
my nerves a jangle.
Pass the Valium.

Deep Breaths.....Deeeeeep Breaths

Knitting; it's supposed to be relaxing.  It's supposed to calm the nerves.  It CAN be relaxing and calming if you have a serene environment AND nothing goes wrong.
You know it doesn't bode well for your knitting day when you have trouble before you even put the stitches on the needle.
I bought a skein of Bernat in a lovely, child friendly shade of purple.  Once home I got myself all comfy on the couch and proceeded to open the skein.  Now where is the end I wondered....looked all over the skein, no end in sight.  Then I spied what I assumed was the end tucked into the centre of the skein so I gave it a gentle tug.  The resulting nightmare that spewed out of the centre  of the skein left it looking like a woolly purple squid.  Then I found the real end right out there in the open..why  I didn't see it before I will never know.  Now it was necessary to 'ball the skein' because if I tried to use it the way it was there would just be one tangle after another to deal with.  So, balling the skein, and having to be very careful not to get all the 'squid' appendages tangled up.  I managed to get about three quarters of the skein balled before I got to the tangled mess in the middle.  There I stopped, cut the yarn, and tossed the now skinny squid into my knitting basket for attention at a later date.
Now would't you think that was enough trouble for one knitting day?  Ah...but you see I am not the only person in the house who uses the couch.  The hockey game is coming on.  "No problem "says the hubs "I'll just tune my hearing aids into the little device I got at the hearing aid place and I'll mute the TV. "   What a great guy eh?  But you see, when the TV is muted and it is so lovely and quiet and I'm knitting peacefully finding that promised calm I am not aware of those exciting moments that will spur the hubs into a loud guffaw or an angry shout at a player.  So....peaceful and quiet....and then a loud shout that startles me so badly I jerk and the stitches come off the needle.
Halfway through the game the phone rings.  He can't hear the phone because he's tuned in to the TV.  I have to answer the phone trailing yarn and needles through the house to the kitchen.  It's the daughter.  Half an hour of listening to her problems and the knitting is now in shambles.   I have no idea where I am so I just pull it all out, roll it up and start again.  At this point the hubs, coming out of his hockey trance, looks at me and says, "Are you still balling that skein?"

Sunday, 12 February 2017

How On Earth Did We Do It?

We have been married for 42 years and seven months.   We are often asked how we managed to maintain such a long term relationship.  Damned if we know!
Maybe it has something to do with starting out with low expectations.
We got married in my parents living room with just our parents and siblings in attendance.  The whole schamooo only cost us $600 which included someone to take a few pictures.   I've known couples who didn't last until they got their pictures back.  We got ours.
The hubs didn't have much of a job or income when we got hitched.   I would have to start from scratch looking for work because I was moving to the city where he was already in residence.  It made sense at the time.
All our furniture was used except for the bed which was a wedding present and the couch also a wedding present.  We still have most of the furniture.  Hey, it's better quality than the stuff we can afford to buy new.  The stuff we did replace with new is now being used in our daughters home.
I never did get a job because the first thing I did was to get pregnant.  Oh well.
We struggled as a young couple but we learned how to manage on one small income and to figure things out for ourselves.  Maybe THAT'S why we are still together.  MAYBE today's young folks starting out have too much  given to them and done for them.  MAYBE when you start out with everything you have too high of an expectation for all areas of your life.
Just thinking and wondering about the whole thing.  Sheesh....42 years and seven months...what the heck was I thinking?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Little Early But That's Okay

We're having our Valentine luncheon with the kidlets today (and their parents of course).  The Big Day falls during the school week so we decided to take advantage of the weekend.  I have a nice meal planned out, yummy snacks for beteweens and, of course, gifts for the littles.  We don't go overboard with Valentine gifts...just a token gift.  I got them corking sets (I mentioned that in a previous post I think....It's A Corker).  It will be our only nod to Cupid.  The actual day will pass here without recognition.  Do you have plans for a Valentine Day celebration with your family or sweetie?  I think I may choose Feb 14 as the day this month that we have lunch out.  What do you think?

Friday, 10 February 2017

A Fun Memory From My Younger (much younger) Years

When we lived on the farm Dad had two tractors; a nice little grey Ford and a great hulking red thing.  I couldn't begin to tell you what breed the red thing was but it was big, really big.  Dad wanted his girls to learn to drive a tractor, preferably the red one as it had more pull power.  I was resistant.  I didn't like the feeling of all that raw power underneath me while I perched precariously on a bobbing and bouncing missile from Hell.  I couldn't reach any of the pedals when I sat on the iron seat (Dad called it the iron maiden) which meant I would have to drive standing up and rolling from side to side to access the pedals.  No thanks.  I was quite happy doing the grunt work in the barn.
The girl my parents adopted was another story.  She was younger than me but she was much more adventurous and, of course, eager to please.  Dad taught her to drive the tractor.  Mom and I were called outside to view her triumphant return from her driving lesson.  Up the farm lane she came and she was doing very well too, until she caught sight of us that is.  Can we all say "squirrel"?  We waved our encouragement and she, grinning from ear to ear, waved back.  She passed the house and headed toward the opening into the barn yard.  Our waving got a little more excited (read agitated).  She was still looking at us and waving.  The tractor was a little off course, headed straight for the gasoline tank that sat just inside the opening to the barn yard.  Dad was running behind, sweating and yelling and waving his arms.  We were gesticulating wildly from the front porch and she was driving along basking in the glory of all her followers.  By the grace of God she decided to take a look at where she was going and veered sharply out of harm’s way in the "nick of time".  I don't believe she did any more tractor driving after that.  Dad didn't mention any more lessons for either of us.  I think he got the message.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Using Words for Wednesday

Here we go:

 “Aw come on Jay.  It took me over an hour to collate these papers and now you’ve got butterscotch spread all over them and the carpet.  I can think of better ways to spend my time than cleaning up after you.”
Jay snorted with amusement.  “You know, bent over like that you look like you’re mining for butterscotch.”
“I sense impending doom.” Jay’s wife moaned.  “You’re diabetic for heavens sake.  Your glucose readings will be through the roof.”
“One decent meal with food that tastes good won’t kill me Ada.”
“Well, if it does you’ve had plenty of practice.  Every Halloween you mimic a cadaver and scare all the neighbourhood kids away.  Then you eat all the candy yourself.  Where’s the intelligence in that, I ask you.”

“Well, next year hand out carrot sticks then.” Jay groused.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




Have some fun with these.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Let's Have Some Good News

I dream of a day
when all of the views
expressed by those
who ‘do’ the news
tell us those things
we want to hear,
stories of love and peace,
no mention of fear.
The news will be
of boots on the sand
ready to lend a helping hand,
of planes flying low
no bombs on board
but much needed aid
for a distraught land.
Stories of borders down
and walls that crumble,
of those who hate

made to feel humble.

Monday, 6 February 2017

A Stranger In The Mirror

I look in the mirror
and what do I see,
I see an old lady
look back at me.
Last time I looked
it seemed to me
I saw a young chick
of twenty three.
How could this happen?
Oh!  How can it be?
Old age is not something
that happens to me.
 Yet, here I stand
washcloth in hand,
scrubbing that wrinkled old face.

Ain’t life grand?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

All In A Nights Work

Some nights I can’t sleep.  Sometimes I know why and sometimes it’s a complete mystery.  I do know why I couldn’t sleep last night.  Actually, there are a few reasons:
I spun the mattress and it felt different
I’m doing a cleanse and my tummy felt different
It was cold and I was too lazy (stubborn) to get up and get another blanket.
At any rate, I put my wakefulness to good use by thinking.  “What did I think about?” you ask.  Oh, I know you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway.  You know I am so you may as well relax and prepare yourself to be bored.
Here it is, the topic of my nightly rambling;
Will Seniors Ruin Canada’s Economy?  A dissertation by someone who’s ‘only slightly confused’ most of the time.
You see, according to Stats Can more than one in six people in Canada is over age 64.  They don’t tell us how many more because Stats Can doesn’t like to bother Canadians with too many useless details. 
Here’s what I’m thinking.  Every one of these ‘more than 1 in 6 people’ has been spending money since they were old enough to squeeze a quarter.  We’ve amassed a boat load of ‘stuff’ in the process. …tons of stuff actually.  Now, 1 in 6 people are thinking seriously (if they haven’t already done it) of drastically downsizing.  They (okay, we) are looking at apartments, condos, smaller houses, trailer parks……and wondering what the heck they are going to do with all this ‘stuff’ they have amassed.  Sure they can sell one car, sell the house, that’s easy but what about all this ‘stuff’?  You know the stuff I mean.  Two full bookcases of books, four TV’s, three bedroom sets, a rec room full of furniture you haven’t visited in several years, three sets of china, the list goes on.  The ‘stuff’ must go.  These folks (1 in 6 you know) have stopped buying.   They don’t need anything.  They don’t want anything.   A good portion of them spend half the year in another country to escape Canadian winters.  They aren’t spending their money in Canada.  They have passed on a lot of their ‘stuff’ to their kids.  Now the kids don’t need anything.  How are we going to keep our manufacturers, importers and retailers in business?

And then I finally got to sleep.

Friday, 3 February 2017

It's An 'Age' Thing

News programs drive me crazy.  I think it must be the 'age thing'.  All the announcers seem to be little girls around high school age, thin as twigs, with motor mouths.  They gabble on and on saying absolutely nothing, repeating themselves, every so often taking in a huge lungful of air while swallowing  a mouthful of saliva and then off they go again, brightly painted lips and artificially whitened teeth flashing in the camera lights.  I tend to watch the CBC.  They are nice quiet, calm folk who deliver the news with a minimum of flash.  You can understand what they are saying.  It's rather important these days to get the straight much is going on.  Maybe the young folks like all that gabble and the distraction of painted ladies in tight I said, maybe it's an 'age thing'.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Using Words For Wednesday

“I’ll just pretend you understand what’s happening here, Lil.  It’s too painful to consider you really don’t get it.”
The two girls stood before Gail’s masterpiece of a prehistoric vignette. 
“The museum director is going to love this.” Gail asserted.
Lil shook her head.  “Alright, I’ll indulge you.” She said.  The director is going to look at this hoary leader of his cave clan and will automatically understand he is trying to train them in the gathering and preserving of wild gooseberries.  So…tell me….what are the bones supposed to be telling me?”
Gail sighed.  “Every cave man vignette has bones in it.  It’s a given.”
The museum director looked at her quizzically.
“Gail, can you tell me why you placed your prehistoric artifacts in the bunk room of our vintage CPR car?  Were you aiming for a total destruction of this museums reputation?”
Gail spluttered while Lil snickered.
“Well, I was trying to draw a comparison with modern day travel and the transient nature of this clan.  I think it’s brilliant.”
“You’re entitled to your opinion Gail but as museum director I’m going to have to ask you to remove this display to a more suitable area.  Oh, while you’re at it, please sponge off the cave drawings from the outside of the carriage.”  The director moved off, shaking his head and muttering as he went.
“Are you upset Gail?”

“Well, I was, but I’ve got a great idea.  I’m moving this exhibit over to the Victorian kitchen area.”

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




Have some fun with these.