Thursday, 19 January 2017

Psychic...Or Just A Little Nutty

 Do you ever wake up in the morning with a feeling of excitement bubbling inside?  You know, like the feeling you had as a kid every summer morning of vacation.  That feeling that something good, something exciting is going to happen.  There is no real known reason for that feeling.  Nothing has been promised you.  You just have a wonderful feeling of expectation.  I woke up like that a couple of mornings ago.  I couldn’t nail down the reason for it…it just felt like spring, like my birthday when I was six, like Christmas morning, just anticipation and excitement brewing like a storm inside me.  It  made me feel so young and bouncy.  As I was telling the hubs about it (we were having our morning coffee) I happened to look out the window.  The UPS truck had pulled up outside and the driver was coming up our drive lugging a huge cardboard box.  You’ll never guess in a million years.  No, you won’t.   I’ll tell you.  Remember me telling you a few posts back about how I had to murder our dehumidifier because it was recalled?  This was our replacement dehumidifier being delivered.   The hubs now believes I am psychic.  Hah!

Unfortunately that wonderful feeling left and hasn’t been back since.  Drat! 


  1. Wow.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horation than are dreamt of...

  2. I do have mornings where I wake up like that and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it.
    But at the end of that day, I can truly say I've had a great day.

  3. I only get that feeling when I've had enough sleep several nights in a row, so I think of it as a sign that I am - for a change - well rested :)

  4. Too oftenI wake with a feeling of anxiety! I'd prefer to wake with a feeling of grand expectation and excitement, though.

    I wouldn't mind waking with George Clooney, either, but he's taken! :)

  5. I love crawling in bed knowing every morning will hold new experiences especially the one of waking up.

  6. I remember that feeling--from childhood. Never since.

  7. Before I play golf, expecting to have the best round ever. The first hole usually erases the feeling.

  8. It's funny how some days you can wake feeling so refreshed and others not quite the same.
    Hope the replacement dehumidifier works well

    All the best Jan


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