Wednesday, 4 January 2017

One Direction

A short drive will take me there
back to where it all began
a few miles
nothing more
and yet
there is more than miles
that separate me
from where I long to be
from those I long to be with
time is the enemy
time is the barrier
time only travels in one direction
I can travel miles in any direction
but I can only go forward 
in time
every day I leave behind me
a place, a person
a time I can never recapture
as each day passes, I experience the loss
the excitement of a new day
a fresh start
but oh
the loss weighs heavy
on my heart


  1. Echoing Elephant's Child and River. Seems especially hard right after the holidays, when everything becomes quiet again.

  2. Seems it's TIME to wish you a Happy New Year!

    As always, I loved your poem. We all have mixed feeling about the passage of time. Longing for the lost, looking forward to what's yet to be. If only we could re-experience some of those things and people we've lost, if only for a short while.

  3. So true
    Loved your poem

    All the best Jan


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