Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Good To Be Back

Just taking a minute here to let you know Words For Wednesday will be happening here during the month of February.  Gosh!  Just like old times.
I was so pleased when River (see my sidebar for Drifting Through Life) took over WFW.  My computer was (and still is) being a bit of a b**** and it was becoming difficult to get a simple post on line.  Eventually I shut down completely for almost six months.  During that time, River assembled a terrific group of writers who took turns hosting WFW.  It has become a global 'movable feast' of words and friendship.  I am so happy to be a part of it once more.
I hope you'll all join in during February and have a blast with the prompts.  I know I will.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Gotta Love Mondays

It's Monday again, the best day of the week.  "What's so great about Mondays?" you ask.   Okay Okay...don't snarl at me.  You have to realise I'm looking at Monday through retiree eyes.  I never book anything for early on a Monday morning if I can help it BUT I DO get up early on Monday mornings.  I sit at the kitchen table with the blinds open so I can see out and enjoy my breakfast, coffee, the paper, check my emails and watch the various neighbours as they dash out to walk their dogs, sweep the snow from their vehicles and trundle off to work.  I say a  little prayer for their safety on the road and hope for them that they have a decent bunch to work with.  When the morning rush to get off and running is over, I go back to bed for an hour.  It's hard to wipe the smile off my face.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Another Special Day

Ever notice how when I run out of things to talk about I turn to those 'special days'.  We have a 'twofer' today.
Today is National Corn Chip Day......yes.....something to really get excited about.  In 1932 Isodor J. Filler patented his recipe for corn chips and Elmer Doolin purchased the recipe for $100.00.  In 1945 Elmer allowed Herman Lay (yes, THAT Lays) to distribute Doolins Fritos.  The two companies merged in 1959.
Dip a chip today in honur of Corn Chip Day.  Yahoo!!!
It is also, National Puzzle Day...not just jigsaw siree...all kinds of brain teasers designed to improve your vocabulary, spelling, math skills and memory.  Now all we need is a jigsaw puzzle of corn chips and we can really do this day proud.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Monster Down The Hall

My desk is a beauty.  At least, I think she is.  Yes, she's a she.  She has cupboards and drawers, a light, a pull out tray for the key pad and plenty of work surface.  I love her.  There is just one little problem though.  She eats things.  A letter written addressed and stamped, my favourite pen, the all important (at least for my ageing eyes) magnifying glass, important papers..these things have been known to disappear for days..sometimes forever.  Late at night I think I hear chuckling and I wonder what she's hiding on me now.  Things also magically appear, apparently out of nowhere, although I think perhaps the hubs may be responsible for some of that.  His favourite line is, "Oh, I put that on your desk."  There are days when I can't see the top of the desk for the pile of items he has put there 'for safe keeping'.  Hah!! Safe keeping indeed.  Nothing is safe from the 'monster down the hall'.  She's not evil you understand, just mischievous.   Now where.....

Friday, 27 January 2017

What Is That? Wait! I Know I've Seen It Before.

This morning Ontarions (Ontarioites?) in the South West corner of the province threw open their curtains with expressions of joy or stood slack jawed in open door ways risking exposure and frost bite as they welcomed the first feeble rays of sun they had seen in 'lo these many weeks'.
(and that was one long run on sentence, yes?)

Let's Talk

Wednesday was Bell Let's Talk Day in support of those struggling with mental illness.  For every call or text on Bell lines, Bell donated 5 cents.  Doesn't sound like much does it?  Well, the grand total was $6,585,250 with the funds going to Community Fund Grants, Children and Youth Programs, Aboriginal Communities and Military Families and a host of individual organisations.
Congratulations and mega thanks to Bell and all those who participated.

It's not easy to struggle with a disease that has so many social stigma's attached to it.  Those who fight the good fight every single day are my Today's Heroes.  One day we will accept that the brain, just like the body, can be ill and there is no shame in it.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Words For Wednesday

Grannie Annie has posted her last Words for Wednesday.  Next month it is my turn.
Here are this weeks words:
Document, birthday, network, removable, jungle, open
Quote, holds, avoid, surrender, grace, living
A photo of pasta arranged in a sunburst pattern.

Here goes:

“Can I quote you on that Senator?” Grace asked.  “After all, ‘It’s a jungle out there.’  is such a unique statement.”
“All right, Grace.  All right.  I surrender.  No need to get sarcastic.  I’m sure your network can do some creative editing.  Most of my comments will prove to be removable no doubt.  Eventually the message will have nothing whatsoever to do with what I’ve been trying to get across.”
Apparently they were now involved in open hostilities.  No holds barred.  It was going to be difficult to avoid collateral damage.
“By the way, Grace, isn’t this your birthday today?  Forty isn’t it?”  The Senator shot her an evil grin.
Grace grinned back.  It appeared to be a temporary truce.

“38 Senator and I have the documents to prove it.  C’mon, I’ll buy you a coffee and show the latest pictures of your newest grand baby.  There’ll be no living with you if I make you wait any longer Dad.”

Many thanks to Granny Annie for this months prompts.  They've been a blast.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

That's A Corker

Corking.  Does anyone remember corking?  Maybe you called it something else.  Spool knitting maybe?  Okay..corking….a cylindrical piece of wood or plastic with a hole lengthwise through the middle and four to six pegs around the outside edge of the hole.  You dropped yarn down through the hole and then wrapped it around the pegs.  Once ‘loaded’ with yarn you then proceeded to ‘knit’ from the pegs and pull the finished tube like ‘knitting’ down through the hole.  When you got tired of knitting you cast the stitches off, sewed your tube into a circle and gave it to your mom to put hot pots on at the table.  Ringing a bell now?  You can see a demonstration of it on YouTube. 
The hubs tells me that he had a corking spool when he was a kid.  He made his own out of a big empty thread spool and some finishing nails.  That’s the 50’s for you.   Kids knew how to make their own fun.  I’m embarrassed to admit I had a store bought one.

Anyhoo….after the kidlets showed an interest in knitting I started thinking about how I got started in crafting in general and, how I got started, was with ‘corking’.  Imagine my delight to find that Costco had kits with a corking spool, yarn, a ‘picker’ and some instructions on how to make simple things.  I bought two for the kidlets.  I’ll give them to them on Valentines Day.  That’s coming  up soon y’know.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tiny Treasures

A few years ago we attended an auction sale for my husbands Aunts possessions.  The house had been in the family for over 100 years and there were several generations worth of items spread out on the lawns for people to look at and bid on.  One of the batches I bid on contained, among other things, his Aunts knitting needles.  More shame on me, I just tossed them in the bottom of my knitting hamper and carried on as usual.  Today, in a search for a crochet hook of a particular size, (for the purpose of working in loose ends on my latest creation) I came across the following:  one wooden crochet hook, 1 pair of bone knitting pins (very short compared to today's pins) and three pair of stainless steel knitting needles.  Who knows how many generations used those tools before they came to me.  I feel I need to honour them somehow...both the tools and the women who cared for their families and created much needed articles of clothing with them.

Monday, 23 January 2017

One of Those 'Special' Days

Today, January 23 is .....ta da........NATIONAL HAND WRITING DAY.  It is also, NATIONAL PIE DAY.
National Hand Writing Day is intended to reintroduce this screen loving nation to the poetry and power of the pen on paper.  I have been advised that if I hand wrote this post there is not one soul who would be able to read it.  Still, I have always had a love affair with pen and paper.  Also with pie but that's another story.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Where's The Sun?

We've had no sun over here for well over a week now; just grey skies, drizzle, outright rain and fog.  I think I speak for most Canadians when I say we'd prefer cold, snow and sunlight to this misery.  Come on sun.....

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Crinkles...Okay Okay, They're Wrinkles

Wrinkles are nasty little ………..aren’t they?  I mean, first you notice maybe one at the corner of each eye.  That’s a horrible feeling, your first wrinkle.  Time passes though and you begin to think that at your age one little wrinkle at the corner of each eye is not so bad.  You look pretty good for your age, and then, one morning as you are brushing your teeth you stop and do a double take.  Those wrinkles have been having themselves a love in of some sort and now there are three or four of them at the corner of each eye…and hey….what’s that between your nose and the outside corners of your lips?  That crease is deep enough to lose a pea in.  But then, time does what time does  best and passes, all is well…again….you look okay for your age.  However, if something seems to be too good to be true it usually is.  One morning while applying your wrinkle prevention grease to your face you smile at yourself in the mirror and Holy Hell your jaw hits the counter as you watch both sides of your face crumble like a piece of corrugated cardboard.  You look old.  Really old.  And the worst part of it is, if you live any longer you are going to look positively ancient.
Well phooey

Friday, 20 January 2017

Good Morning America

Today is the BIG day in the excited states.    A new president will be sworn in and the nation is, understandably, a tad jumpy.  After all, this new man is unpredictable, a 'loose cannon on the deck'  so to speak.  Only time will tell how this will play out for them and for the planet as a whole.  I prefer to be optimistic about the whole thing.  I prefer to believe that this new candidate will, overnight, mature and develop some tact and manners.  It would be sad to think of such a great nation with a clown at its head.  On the other hand, it makes Rob Ford look like a genius.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Psychic...Or Just A Little Nutty

 Do you ever wake up in the morning with a feeling of excitement bubbling inside?  You know, like the feeling you had as a kid every summer morning of vacation.  That feeling that something good, something exciting is going to happen.  There is no real known reason for that feeling.  Nothing has been promised you.  You just have a wonderful feeling of expectation.  I woke up like that a couple of mornings ago.  I couldn’t nail down the reason for it…it just felt like spring, like my birthday when I was six, like Christmas morning, just anticipation and excitement brewing like a storm inside me.  It  made me feel so young and bouncy.  As I was telling the hubs about it (we were having our morning coffee) I happened to look out the window.  The UPS truck had pulled up outside and the driver was coming up our drive lugging a huge cardboard box.  You’ll never guess in a million years.  No, you won’t.   I’ll tell you.  Remember me telling you a few posts back about how I had to murder our dehumidifier because it was recalled?  This was our replacement dehumidifier being delivered.   The hubs now believes I am psychic.  Hah!

Unfortunately that wonderful feeling left and hasn’t been back since.  Drat! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Granny Annie has a great selection of Words For Wednesday for us this week.
honest, worth, another, parallel, fan, intention
blue, electricity, cash, outrage, potential, memory
a lovely picture of a frozen red rose.
You can visit Granny at Fools Rush In in my sidebar.

Here we go:

Caitlin flinched as a blue spark of electricity shot from the hydro tower above. " That could be a potential disaster in the greenhouse she gasped.  I’d best get over there quickly.  If memory serves, the last time this happened we lost nearly all our winter roses."
Matthew met Caitlin at the door to the greenhouse complex. “ It was a terrorist attack in Carterville.”  he shouted.  “This is an outrage.  Do you realize how much cash we stand to lose?”
Caitlin shook her head sadly. “ Honest Matthew; is that all you care about?  What about all those people in Carterville?  Aren’t they worth more than a few frozen red roses.  So our heat and light and the fan went out.  Big deal  What was the intention of the terrorists?  I can tell you it wasn’t to destroy our cash crop.   Their intention was to cause death and destruction in yet another innocent settlement.  You can’t begin to draw a parallel between what the people of Carterville are experiencing and our situation here. “
“You’re right of course Caitlin.  Let’s get over there and see what we can do to help.”

“Good, and then I’ll help you get the greenhouse sorted out.”

The Littles

The 'Littles' came to visit on Saturday.  In the course of the day the wee man came to ask me something.  "Grandma, there's a big bag of coloured string on your desk and it looks like you are making something.  What is it?"  So, I explained about yarn, knitting and throws and of course they both wanted to learn how to knit.  Hmmm....six and ten...this could be interesting.  I dug out some left over yarn and two sets of size 6 needles.  I figured big needles would be best for little hands.  One at a time I sat the Littles on my knee and showed them how to cast on a few stitches and then how to knit from one needle to the other.  Unbelievably it was the active six year old who was mesmerized by the process and picked it up quickly.  Then ten year old, the wee man, is far too creative for his own good.  He showed me his handiwork.  There were several more stitches than what he started with.  I know, he said proudly, I added some.  Eventually the six year old knitted two little bracelets for her dolls and the ten year old knitted one for himself.  In the process I learned that the six year old is a rule follower, the ten year old isn't, and...I have a lot more patience than I thought I did.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Anyone out there making their own yogurt?  Is it financially comparable to buying it ready made?  Does it taste better?  Is it difficult?  Is it worth the time and effort?  Do you use a yogurt maker or just use a recipe and a kitchen pot?  Have you tried both ways.  Which one works best?    Do you use fat reduced milk or full fat milk?  What kind of starter do you use?
We eat a fair amount of yogurt and at over six dollars a tub we are going through quite a bit of money on yogurt alone.  We buy the plain Greek yogurt.  I'd like to make our own even if it is price comparable because I could be assured that no chemicals preservatives sugar or salt has been added.  Of course, I don't know what's in the starter so that could be almost as bad as buying commercially prepared yogurt.  Anyone have any answers...suggestions....advice....experience to share?

To Dream A Dream

I enjoy a good dream.  I especially enjoy one with drama, adventure and excitement; with colour, scent and sound.  Most especially I enjoy a dream I can remember in the morning so I can tell you about it.  Well, last night I had a dream.  No drama, adventure or excitement BUT I can remember it and it was truly annoying.  In my dream I was crafting a blog post.  I was writing a poem and feeling particularly inspired.  The words were flowing and everything was perfect.  Then, I went to transfer it to my blog and the whole thing disappeared.  I couldn't get it back AND I couldn't remember any of it, and then I woke up.  Sounds way too much like real life doesn't it?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Hells Bells

I had struggled with the wording, wanting to get how I felt on screen without upsetting or offending anyone who may hold a different opinion.  I almost had it when, BAM!, everything went dark and my computer took over.  Updates....reconfiguring....what the heck did it think it was doing?  Time seemed like all my carefully crafted phrases melted into the ether and out of my brain.  I was going to have to start all over again, and then, casually, the start up screen appeared.  HELLS BELLS!!!!!!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

January 15

It's January 15 2017.  I am now going to put on my 'old farts' hat and line up with the other oldies while we shout things like, "It's the middle of January ALREADY?" and "Where has the time gone?" and my personal favourite, "Seems like Christmas was just yesterday and here it is, January 15, ALREADY.".  
Yes, we always speak in capital letters and yes, we never get tired of telling the young ones how quickly time flies as you age....never forgetting to say, "Just you wait and see." for good measure.
Happy January 15 everyone.  Gosh, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  Seems like only yesterday it was Christmas.  Is it really the middle of January ALREADY?

Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Happy Day

It's a good day when I can do my own housework with a minimum of pain....BUT....
I've learned:
I've learned the job isn't always done AS WELL as I used to do it and I forgive myself for that.
I've learned not to have a knee jerk reaction to my good day and let my cleaning lady go.  The hubs will have to forgive me for that.
I've learned to be grateful for what I CAN do...
I`ve learned to reward myself after one of my cleaning extravaganzas.  It`s called `dinner out`and THAT`S what makes it a HAPPY DAY lol.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Not Yet

Dry brittle twigs
resting folded, empty
in her lap.
Time has worn them thin,
The winds of change,
of life,
have blasted the frail shell
to the point of collapse.
in the eye there shines a spark
a gleam of laughter,
of defiance.
Time has not won...
not yet.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Just A Tad Jumpy

We humans are a  skittish bunch.  It's really not surprising.  We, all of us, are caught in the time trap.  As each second unfolds before us, the preceeding second closes behind us.  We can't turn around and go back.  The only direction we can move is forward into the unknown and the inevitable.  If you add to this the range of possibilities (terrorists, Trump, Putin, illness etc.) and our human inclination to ponder them, it's really no wonder the weaker among us turn to drugs, cults and weapons.  I firmly believe this situation is the root cause of my coffee dependence.  I have discovered though, as many of you will have, that worrying about what may happen is usually worse than actually experiencing what does happen.  My plan is to worry less and drink more coffee.  We'll see what happens when it happens.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Words For Wednesday

Words For Wednesday were provided by Granny Annie, you can find her at Fools Rush In in my sidebar, and are as follows:
News, countries, follow, stream, sniff, hair
Mushroom, print, roll, dust, warm, family

I remember such simple times; life in a warm, loving family, all of us gathered around the radio listening to the reporters who had been all around the globe to sniff out interesting stories for us.  Now, I live like a mushroom, keeping myself in the dark, afraid to follow the news from this and other countries for fear of what I may see and hear.  Television gives us such graphic reports of happenings around the world.  The news whether in print or streaming live, is frightening stuff.   It’s enough to turn your hair white.  I’ll just hide under my bed with the dust bunnies and roll myself out when things start to look brighter.

Not Everyone Is Staying In Where It's Warm

It's cold out there and this little guy is all hunched up trying to grab a bite to eat.  He has a friend keeping him company but he moves so fast I can't begin to catch him on camera.  I think it is a ground squirrel of some description...just a bit bigger than a chipmunk and wearing his fluffy winter overcoat,  He's zipping around the back yard having himself a blast in the snow.  As I stood in the window watching, another bunny came flying past and the two took off in a flurry of snow.  Maybe they went to look for their tiny little friend.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


It's Tuesday.  The girls from Australia have posted Words For Wednesday because it's Wednesday there.  I get Words for Wednesday on Tuesday.  One of the girls posts Using Wednesdays Words on Friday on Thursday.  My Thursday that is.  Now in February it's my turn to post Words For  Wednesday.  I pre schedule all my posts at 30 minutes past midnight.  That makes Words For Wednesday show up on my blog  on Wednesday and, hopefully, on the Australian girls blogs on Wednesday which is my Tuesday, a day earlier than I have it posted for.  I hope you're as confused as I am.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Bumps In The Night

Not a night goes by without strange noises.  Most noises are just pipes popping with the change in temperature or the house cracking from frost or settling.  I'm used to those noises.  I don't count them as strange.  Some strange noises can be explained.  "CRASH"  When I mention it n the morning the hubs sheepishly admits to knocking something over during his nocturnal ramblings. "BANG"  Did that come from outside or inside?  A midnight tour of the house and a brief examination through the windows reveals nothing.  Was I dreaming?  Maybe!  Morning, and when the freezer door is opened a 10 lb frozen turkey shoots out at me.  A shelf lost its grip overnight.  "POP"  Same tour of discovery as before with no results.  Nothing shows up in the morning light either.  Who knows?  Night after night finds me prowling around looking for the source of the disturbance.  One year we had a winter of frost quakes.  Ever experience one of those?  Sounds like a plane fell on the roof.  Last winter we had a friendly neighbourhood raccoon who enjoyed knocking our garbage pails over in the dead of night.  Talk about a "BANG".  Always something interesting going on in the dark of the night.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

I Wonder

Has anyone been following the recent trend toward 'tiny houses'?  I've watched a few shows where (usually) young families opt for a living space of under 400 square feet on wheels.  They are soooo cute, these tiny houses, with their storage under the stairs and 1/2 a fridge/1/2 a stove combinations.  Not so cute with their composting toilets but hey, each to their own.  These young families with their little kids are so excited and hopeful.  I\d like to talk to them in about two years time to see if they are A.  still living cheek to jowl with each other
B.  still living ANYWHERE together
and C.  if their kids are in therapy.
Enquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fun With Words

 It’s Saturday and I’m bored.  Let’s have a little fun.  Here are some nifty words:
Lets see what we can do with them.

How It All Happened

God looked at his
brand new creation
with a look that bordered
on consternation.
I’m feeling
 a bit of trepidation
about this latest
This creature
 cannot form a nation
without altercation
and inflammation.

Oh look….squirrel.
Drat, another one got away.
Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I guess God was a little distracted the day he set us free.

Friday, 6 January 2017

I Don't Want To Go

 I have to go to the dentist today.  I know it’s only a cleaning but I hate going to the dentist.  The chair is slippery.  It tips me so far back I feel like I’m about to shoot out of it head first onto the floor.  The hygienist wears latex gloves that smell and make me gag and she peers at me over the edge of her surgical mask.  She looks scary, okay?  She pokes and jabs and generally causes more discomfort (I believe) than is absolutely necessary.  The worst part is when she calls the dentist in to ‘take a look’.  There is always something he is ‘keeping an eye on’.  I’m in a sweaty dither until he gives me a passing grade.  He’s really a very nice man and I kind of feel sorry for him.  Really, it must be awful to be the ‘man no one wants to see’.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


 I bought an essential oil diffuser just before the holidays.  It came with a starter kit of 5 essential oils;  lavender (good), orange (also good), eucalyptus (okay), tea tree oil (hmmmmm) and patchouli (oh my).  Patchouli smells like dirty hair, unwashed feet and 1960’s in Yorkville, Toronto.  In other words, Patchouli smells like hippies.  Oh man…flashback to the sidewalks of Yorkville.  Young people in vibrant clothing selling candles, and scarves, paintings and sculptures, lotions and potions and funny little brown cigarettes.  We country girls would take the GreyCoach bus to the big city and stroll the streets of Yorkville feeling so cool, hip, you know man, we were making the scene.    You gotta try this Patchouli stuff man, it makes you feel, like, young again you know.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

One Direction

A short drive will take me there
back to where it all began
a few miles
nothing more
and yet
there is more than miles
that separate me
from where I long to be
from those I long to be with
time is the enemy
time is the barrier
time only travels in one direction
I can travel miles in any direction
but I can only go forward 
in time
every day I leave behind me
a place, a person
a time I can never recapture
as each day passes, I experience the loss
the excitement of a new day
a fresh start
but oh
the loss weighs heavy
on my heart

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Words For Wednesday

This month ..Granny Annie .   .... will be providing our prompt words having taken over from Elephants Child.  The words are:  golden, play, musical, publish, warrant, preview, advice, human, beauty, rice, story, shrimp ..or...there is a picture of water beading on a blue background.
Great words Granny.......I'll get out my tin foil thinking cap and ponder on them.

Ahead Of Their Time

Young folks think they are sooooo cool with their texting shortforms, their lol's and rotfl's.  But we oldies were shortforming years ago.
When I heard my mom say, "Young lady you get yourself in here PDQ." I knew she meant 'pretty darn quick'.  ASAP has meant 'as soon as possible' for as long as I can remember.  My dad used to say GD if he hit his finger with a hammer.  When I asked him what that meant he said 'general delivery'.  I was never too sure about that one.  We had TGIF and BFF long before smart phones came along so, young folks, get over yourselves.  You are just finally catching up with your grandparents.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Cutting The Cord

We were astonished to receive a letter in the mail advising us that our dehumidifier could be on a recall list.  Visit this web site the letter urged.  Attached was a copy of our invoice for the unit.  The date stamp on it was from 2013.  Apparently we have been using a unit for three years that has the potential to start a fire.  Well, maybe it could start a fire.
I opened the web site and prepared to follow instructions. (Just a word here to advise that the dehumidifier is in the basement, the computer is upstairs and I have severe osteo arthritis in my hip which makes it pretty darn painful to go up and down stairs.) the first piece of advice was to obtain the serial number from the unit.  Armed with pen and paper I descended to the basement.  It didn't take long to locate the serial number.  It was located on the back of the unit at the bottom on a  piece of paper approximately the size of a postage stamp and appeared to consist of around 20 numbers written by a fly who had dipped its feet in an ink well and scurried across the paper.  Well then.
I toiled back up the stairs to advise the hubs he would need to lift the unit on to a table and I would need a flashlight trained on the numbers while I held a magnifying glass over them and copied them down.  (Oh yes, and I have macular edema which gives me little blank spots in close up vision.  What fun.)  Mission accomplished I, once again, climbed the stairs.  I think two or three more steps grew since the last time.   Back to the computer I went and plugged in the numbers.  Yes, our unit was on the companies 'endangered species list'.
Next step.  Go back downstairs and take pictures of the labels on the back of the unit, clip the plug off and write the day and your last name on the back of the unit.  Take a clear picture of this vandalism.  I felt like a murderer.  This unit had pumped out a bucket of water a day all summer long.  It had worked hard for us and here I was taking it's life.
Anyway, back up the stairs and after putting the photos on the computer I found that they were not clear enough.  Not enough light in the basement.  Down the stairs again.  For those keeping count this is the fourth time.  This time the hubs kept a light trained on the labels and the photos were a success.  Now all we have to do is dispose of the old unit at our expense and wait 8 weeks for a new one to arrive.  I wonder how many years we'll have it before the manufacturer informs us that it too is a death trap waiting to be sprung.

Yes, that little white label with the teeny tiny numbers at the bottom of it...yes, that IS the serial number.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Here We Go Again


to one and all
the short the fat
the thin the tall
the young the old
the shy the bold
let's make it the best one ever

A brand new page of a glowing new year has just been turned.  What will you write on it?  What lies ahead...a mystery, and adventure, joy or trials?  Whatever it may be, I wish you all days of joy and peace and the strength to deal with whatever life has in store.