Saturday, 17 December 2016

Mr. Christmas

Christmas at Mom and Dads house..early 1980's...our daughter and my sisters kids bedded down for the night, or so we hoped.  They were talking, and laughing, up and down, in and out and the Moms were getting just a tad frazzled.  Once more into the fray to get them settled down when suddenly, seemingly from the roof, arose such a clatter.  A thump, a jingle, and footsteps could be heard.  Three kids pulled the blankets over their heads and went as silent as mice.  No one heard a sound from them for the rest of the peaceful silent night.  Out in the living room a chubby cheerful man with pink cheeks and a jelly belly chucked.  "I'll bet that settled them down." he said.  Thanks Dad.  Thanks for the magic, for the quiet kids and the memory.


  1. It sounds as if your Dad had magic and memories down to a tee. At Christmas and other times.

  2. What a lovely story. You had a very smart and clever dad.

  3. OMG...what a beautiful story and memory!
    Your dad had the heart of Santa and Christmas inside him. lovely~

  4. I bet that made the kids believe for at least two years longer than they would have otherwise :)

    Love your description of your dad.

  5. What a great story! Priceless!

  6. This is magic, we must keep hold of that magic and the marvelous memories.

    All the best Jan


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