Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It's All Downhill From Here

Well folks.....tonight the turkey comes out of the freezer and goes into the fridge to roost at the bottom until the ice leaves its heart.  We've been to the grocery store and picked up the last food items we'll be needing.  If we don't have it, we'll be doing without it.  There is no turning back now.
Christmas Eve is in four nights...count em.....four.  That means, dare I say it, that for all you 'last minute Marion's and Morris's out there, there are four days left in which to clean, decorate, shop, wrap, bake, pack (if you are travelling) and generally prepare for Christmas.  It is too late now to ship or post.  Don't waste time panicking...'pitter patter, let's get at 'er'.


  1. Our bird comes out of the freezer tonight as well. Found out - when doing early baking (early for me) - that our oven had a fizzle ... last minute repairs tomorrow or possibly a new stove ... erk ... but better than finding out halfway through Christmas Day :)

    Now is the time for all you well-prepared folks to sit back and relax!

  2. We have only TWO more sleeps before Christmas Eve (it is the evening of the 22nd here). I have had a busy day volunteering and delivering food for the homeless. And I think things at home are more or less under control. What isn't done, won't be. Tomorrow I will buy the fruit for the fruit salad, and then I plan to avoid the shops.

  3. Happy Christmas! I hope you've got enough food in to cover the one or possibly two days the shops are closed!!

  4. Running out the door now...Lol!

  5. We've been relaxing today and enjoying some Christmas spirit, or should that be wine!!! LOL!
    A special time of year ...

    Sending my best wishes to you and yours ...
    Merry Christmas

    All the best Jan


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