Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day

As promised there will be no further mention of 'you know what'.  In fact, I have actually 'boxed up' most of the 'you know what' decorations and left out just a favoured few for New Years.  Yes, you will now likely hear about New Years for a few days.
Growing up, my grandparents always came to our house for..oh, 'you know what' and on New Years Day we went to Aurora to spend the day with my Moms parents, my grandma and grandad Peters in their house on Metcalfe Street.  We would pack ourselves into the cab of Dads pickup and off we would go.
Grandma would have a lovely hot meal for lunch, usually chicken, and a cold supper of meats and salads.  It was all delicious but I lived for dessert.  Gram always had 2 or 3 pies on offer, always my favourites of lemon meringue and pumpkin and one other as well as plates of home made Christmas cake, cookies and squares.
Gram would ask me what I would like and I, stuffed to the gills from the first course, would dither because I couldn't make up my mind.  The Grams sweet voice would utter the magic words she said every year, "Why don't you just have a little of everything?| and like magic a plate would descend before me with slivers of everything arranged nicely on it.  Heaven.


  1. A slice of everything? I love your Gram. That's what I do when I can't decide.

  2. I can remember staying at a guest house where 'a little of everything' was deservedly their most popular dessert.
    I have never tried pumpkin pie though. Some day...

  3. My Grandma's attic was always freezing cold in winter as she lived in Upstate New York. She stored all her cookies in tins on the attic steps. Need I say where I would sneak away to? I would eat so many cookies I'd feel sick. Grandma was a baker extraordinaire!

  4. Ooh I used to enjoy my dear mums lemon meringue pie ... plus her many other pies she used to make. You could always smell something good cooking / baking in our house ...

    Yes, I too have often heard those words ... try a little of everything, it is Christmas after all!

    All the best Jan

  5. Your Gram understood the value of breaking the rules once in awhile!


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