Sunday, 18 December 2016

Another Christmas Tale.

"Have you kids looked outside this morning?  There's something you should see out there."
No, the kids had not looked outside nor had their parents.  We had been lost in the blizzard of wrapping paper and bows and the squeals of delight.  We would look now.  What were we missing out there?  Out the front window we could see something in the snow.  What was it?  We opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch into the crisp white morning.  There was no doubt about what we were seeing...sleigh tracks and hoof prints.  There could be no mistaking it.  A few nibbled carrot tops and shreds of hay lay along the tracks where hungry reindeer had taken a midnight snack.  Boot prints led from where the sleigh had rested, along the reindeer prints and up to the porch.  A fragment of ribbon lay on the steps.  Three wide eyed kids had their beliefs strengthened by the silent evidence of a late night visitor  In a quiet, adults only moment, Mr Christmas divulged some of his secrets.  Apparently an old pair of skis and some rope were involved.  Another priceless Christmas memory courtesy of Mr. Christmas.  Thanks Dad.


  1. Well played Dad, well played!

  2. What a man.
    What a gift.
    What memories...

  3. You've no idea how pleased I am to read this, I love that your dad made these extra memories for you.

  4. Dad had the dreams and hopes of the "believing in πŸŽ…" responsibility and he took it very seriously πŸŽ„
    Great memories☃

  5. I didn't need my imagination stoked any hotter than it already was ... but it would've been fun :) What a great memory!

  6. Wow. Fabulous. Dad was Mr. Christmas for sure.

  7. I'm loving your Christmas story shares with us.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan


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