Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Words For Wednesday

As there were no Words provided for Wednesday I shall fill the gap....

inconspicuous, telegram, web, spike, belt and ingrained


bespoke, clemency, frostbitten, waggon, drift and spank

Have fun with these while I don my tinfoil hat and see what I can do.


  1. It is wonderful to get words from you again. I have a new roll of tinfoil! See me on Friday, at my place!

  2. I hope that words will go up HERE later today. Thanks for yours in the interim.

    1. If they show up I'll try to use them as well.

  3. I gave Carolyn a nudge, and her words are up.
    In the interim:
    May the Lord have clemency on my frost-bitten soul (he is also welcome to spank me for my foolishness). I was yearning for the 'good, old days'. The days when everything was simpler and better. Last night I had a vision of those days. Wagons surrounded by snow drifts which dwarfed them. Days when everything was 'bespoke' because nothing was mass produced. Or quick. Or cheap. Days when we got up at first light and worked until darkness gave us relief. Cold days. Hungry days...

    1. Fantastic!! Now I'll get to work on the official words.


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