Thursday, 3 November 2016

Using Wednesdays Words

The words were inconspicuous, telegram, wet, spike, belt, ingrained  and/or  bespoke, clemency,frostbitten, waggon, drift and spank.

Here goes:

To remain inconspicuous in every circumstance had been ingrained in her from childhood.  This was to be no exception.  She clutched the telegram in her wet, trembling hands and watched as the delivery man turned his horse out of her lane way.  Only when he was gone and out of sight could she allow herself to sag, to cry, to wail shamelessly and pound the wall until her fists bled.
There would be no clemency for him.  Her beloved would feel the belt fasten around him, strap him to the chair, feel the spike of electricity run through his body.
She hitched the horse to the bespoke  waggon  her darling had designed just for her to accommodate her disability.  She was desperate to see him one more time before he died.  Tossing her crutches into the waggon bed she hoisted herself into the seat using the pulley system devised for her.  One sharp spank of the whip and she was off, flying down the lane.  No snow drift would be too deep to keep her away from him.  At the moment of his demise her frostbitten heart would join with his in death.  She was ready.

And now...for the OFFICIAL Words For Wednesday from the magical   Carolyn McBride

we have,
  • stars
  • rain
  • smell
  • blood
  • moon shadow
and we have my sad attempt to make the most of these words:

Deep night
the sound and the smell of rain
through the sandy soil
washing with it
the blood of the sacrifice
rich and steaming..
As the stars whirl
in their endless rhythm
we stand together 
under the shadow
of the moon.


  1. Loud applause. And awe and wonder.

  2. Excellent efforts with both sets of words :)

  3. Elephants Child says what I think.:) Hug B

  4. A wonderful use of the words. Quite dramatic. Makes me want to join in again.


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