Friday, 25 November 2016

It seems like yesterday I mentioned there was eight weeks to Christmas.  If you are like so very many of us you have just burned up four of those weeks with little to no progress toward your holiday preparations.  The best date for mailing any overseas packages has been and gone.  Black Friday has whipped by us with all its great deals in a holiday coloured blur.  The warmest weather for putting up outdoor decorations is a memory.   As we speak, shoppers are out there stocking up on their baking supplies.  When you go for yours, there will be nothing left.   Four weeks dearies....that's what you have left.  Twenty seven days to Christmas Eve.  Yes, I am a Christmas fanatic.  Yes, I will continue to give you a count down.   Yes, I know at this very moment you probably hate me.  It's okay.


  1. Lest I forget, I have Laura, beavering away. She started in her closet, manufacturing presents. It expanded into her bathroom and then out into her bedroom. And it's on Thanksgiving, yesterday.

  2. And, knowing me, I won't be any closer in 27 days. Sigh.

  3. The shops were certainly getting a lot busier as I was out earlier ... and I managed to purchase a couple more presents.
    I came home happy!

    All the best Jan


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