Thursday, 3 November 2016


We are now in November and today, the sound of the lawn mower was heard in the land.  Unheard of.  C'mon now, this is South Western Ontario.  The leaves haven't all fallen yet, it poured rain last night, the temp got up to 13C and the back yard was in desperate need of cutting and, way out there in the middle of the lawn, a rogue dandelion was blooming its little head off.  Now you understand, I'm in no rush for snow, bu really this is ridiculous.


  1. And the World Series was played in Cleveland and everyone had short sleeves.

  2. I am with you. I'm wearing shorts with a fan on. When the sun eases to dusk, I'll go out to the patio, still in my shorts.

  3. No matter what country you live - the weather can be so Topsy Turvey!

    All the best Jan


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