Thursday, 20 October 2016

Words For Wednesday on a Thursday

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This weeks words;  prank, arms, regret, light, hostility, crime    and/or   astronaut, wolf, prophesy, guillotine, bootlegger and adorable.

Here goes:

"Aw c'mon Mom, Jay's parents let him play 'Death Walker'."
"We are not Jay's parents, we are your parents.  A game that graphically depicts crime, hostility towards women and promotes the bearing of arms by the general public is not suitable for you.  Why not play something light, harmless and fun like that adorable little 'Donnie's An Astronaut' game your grandma bought you for your birthday?"
"Yeah, for sure Mom.  I'd live to regret that decision if my friends ever found out.  I can imagine all the pranks I'd be the butt of."
"Well, how about we hit a happy medium with the 'Prophesy' game your Uncle gave you?  It's got a cute little cartoon wolf in it.
Adam smiled.  "Okay Mom.  That sounds fair."
After Adams Mom left his room congratulating herself on her victory,he dissolved into laughter.
Prophesy was a far more violent and dangerous game than 'Death Walker' ever knew how to be.  It encouraged its players to role play in the real world.  The Bootlegger character had a guillotine in his basement and Jay already had the plans for building his very own working model.  Adam knew he would happily share the plans with him.  Then they could decide on who to begin stalking.


  1. Hoo boy.
    I am so glad I am not a parent. I would have failed. Epically. A minor quibble. Is Jay there, or is it Adam dissolving into laughter at his mama?
    Great take on the words.

  2. I know nothing about those types of games, I'd believe whatever my kids told me :(

  3. Great job! You took these words in a totally unique direction. I'm glad to be past the age of having to worry about this sort of thing, because I tended to believe whatever my kids told me... (Until they grew up and told me the TRUTH!)

    I tried my hand with the words this month, too, and posted on Sue's blog.


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