Friday, 7 October 2016

Where Are They Getting Them?

Yesterday I saw a squirrel shoot down the driveway carting a huge red apple in its sharp little teeth.  The thing was at least 4 or 5 times the size of the squirrels head.  I've lived in this house for thirty years and nowhere in the immediate area is an apple tree.  We had crab apples in the field out back but that's all been levelled for building.  Besides, those were itty bitty little apples.  Since I saw that squirrel I have seen several others, all lugging over sized, red, shiny apples.  I have found a few partially eaten applies in the driveway. This is reminiscent of the year we saw dozens of squirrels carrying huge (compared to them) corn cobs.   So, I have a question.  Okay I have two questions.
1.  Where are they getting them?
2.  Does anyone know a good squirrel chiropractor?  These little guys are going to have neck problems.


  1. Would anyone put out apples for them? Or the birds?
    I know a horse chiropractor (who is often very busy) but no squirrel practioners.

  2. You have a good point; where are they getting them? I don't think you need worry about neck problems though, they don't carry more than one each and not every day either.

  3. To my way of thinking...I am betting on a neighbor who has a big heart giving the squirrels food for the winter.


  4. I sincerely hope no one is feeding them...we are over populated with them and they are very destructive.

  5. I think some-one may be feeding them.
    I always think squirrels look cute but then I guess I wouldn't think that if we were over populated by them.
    Some years back they used to like hiding their nuts and things in a flower bed of ours which had a lot of pansies in ... unfortunately the pansies didn't survive too well!

    All the best Jan


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