Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Something for the Kidlets...Or The Kid In You

Bathtub Boogie Blues

It takes a lot to get me down.
I ain't a one for mopin'.
I take my troubles to the tub
and give them all a soakin'.

I turn the water on full blast,
pour lots of bath oil in,
make sure there's lots of bubbles, then,
water up to my chin....

Those troubles rise up to the top
and form a bath tub ring.
I lean me back, tip up my head
and I begin to sing.

Troubles, troubles
down the drain.
Ain't got no time for you.
Troubles, troubles
down the drain.
No time for feelin' blue.


  1. I used to love soaking the troubles away, but I never did sing. Truly, nobody needs to hear that!
    These days I don't have a tub, and a long hot shower isn't quite the same as a good soak.
    But at least there's no bath tub ring to clean.

  2. I too used to love retiring to the bath. With a good book.
    No longer.

  3. A good way to wash your troubles away!

  4. We just spent a bunch of money to install a large bath tub because Mrs. C loves a good not so much.

  5. Oh, I love this ... and isn't the bath (or shower) a great place to sing. My voice is wonderful then LOL!!!

    All the best Jan


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