Monday, 31 October 2016

A Collection of Halloween Thoughts

Carving Pumpkins

 It's Halloween.  When I start to get out the decorations I always think back to carving pumpkins as a kid.  My first memory of carving a jack o lantern must date back to 1953.  I would be in grade one so that was probably my introduction to the celebration of Halloween.  We lived just on the outskirts of Newmarket so we didn't get trick or treaters at the door.  This was all new stuff to me.  The townies knew all about it of course.
Anyway, back to carving pumpkins.  We had a cellar in those days, not a nice basement with finished rooms.  No heat and just a single bulb hanging from the ceiling...classy.  I bundled up in my coat/scarf/hat and Dad and I carried the pumpkin, a knife and spoon, a bowl for the seeds and a pile of newspapers outside and down the steps to the cellar.  It looked a whole lot different down there at night let me tell you.
We spread out the newspapers.  I had no idea what was coming.  Dad cut out a lid and removed the top of the pumpkin.    The lid had stringy stuff hanging from its underside Dad just cut off with his knife.  I got my first look at the innards of a pumpkin.  Yuck!!  Dad handed me a big spoon and I just dug in there, pulling out all the goo and seeds and scraping the inside nice and clean.  My hands were wet and slimy and cold. 
While I drew the face on the pumpkin Dad started separating the seeds from the slime.  Gram would salt and roast those for us.  Once the face was drawn on Dad took over with the cutting and I finished up separating the seeds from the slime.  Did I mention the slime?  That pumpkin looked pretty good when Dad was finished.  I think he may have "enhanced" my drawing just a tad.
I took the seeds in to Mom and got the devil for getting goo all over my coat sleeves and then went back outside in the chill to see the "preview".  Wow, did that pumpkin look good all lit up with a flickering candle inside.  Dad turned it to face in to the house and we enjoyed looking out the window at it while we ate our roasted pumpkin seeds on Halloween night.
Over the years I gradually progressed to carving my own pumpkin which of course had to be admired in the preview the night before Halloween.   We carried on the tradition when our daughter came along.  She now carries on the tradition for her two little ones.  But me...well I think I've had just about enough pumpkin slime to last me a lifetime.  I have two ceramic pumpkins and a package of battery operated tea lights all ready to go.

Something for the kidlets:

A Halloween Bunny Tail

Ten little bunny children hopped around his feet, all talking at once.
"I want to be a bat."
"Are there really monsters outside in the dark?"
"What kinds of candy will we get?"
"Are you coming with us Grandpa?"
Grandpa Rabbit laughed and laughed.  "Oh yes," he said, "I'm coming with you.  Little bunny children can't go out in the dark alone, not even on Halloween."
"We have a few weeks yet before it's time.  One by one, come and tell me what you want to dress up as and together we will work on every one's costumes."
Everyone in the lovely green meadow was making plans for Halloween. Mommas were making treats and Poppas were carving pumpkins and making decorations.  All the meadow children were excited and planning their costumes.
When the great night finally arrived there were ten over excited bunny children in Grandpa Rabbits nest.  There was a ghost, a vampire, a cowboy, a robot, a skeleton, a monster, a fairy princess, a mummy, a witch and a black cat.  Grandpa Rabbit was taking a long time to get ready.
The children peeped out of the burrow while they waited.  In the velvety darkness of the night the stars glowed, the moon rose over them and far away Otis Owl hooted a long, low whooooooo......  Then, one by one, pumpkins were lit, the lights from them casting frightening shadows over the decorations the meadow folk had put up around their homes.  Doors were opened and Mommas or Poppas stood ready with bowls and plates of homemade treats.  The bunny children could hear running footsteps and laughter.  The excitement was just about unbearable.
Miss Mouse from next door lit Grandpa Rabbits pumpkin for him and old Grandma Beaver, all dressed up like a witch, came over to hand out Grandpa's treats for him while he and the children were out.  But .......  WHERE was Grandpa Rabbit?
"Here I am.  Let's go!"
But all the bunny children were laughing so hard they couldn't move because Grandpa Rabbit was dressed like.....................AN OCTOPUS.  He was dressed like an octopus with ten arms, one for each bunny child.  Grandpa Rabbit winked at Grandma Beaver.  "Okay, everyone grab a tentacle." he shouted and
And go they did.  They had a wonderful time, got lots of treats and no one got lost.  At the end of the evening a very tired Grandpa Rabbit took them all safely home with their bags of goodies for Momma to put to bed.  "Goodnight children." he said, "Sleep tight."  Then Grandpa Rabbit went home to his burrow and plopped himself down in his nest without even taking off his costume.  "I just love Halloween." he said happily, as he drifted off to sleep.

It’s Halloween

When black cats prowl
and pumpkins gleam
ghouls awake
from an age long dream,
ghosts and vampires
shout and scream
it's Halloween, it's Halloween.

The Pumpkin Man

Down in
The basement
Shiver in the cold,
Digging in
a pumpkin
Searching for the gold
Cutting up
The pulp
So Mom can make a pie,
Splitting up
The seeds
For roasting,
Dad and I
Slicing off
Those dangly bits
Fingers stiff and cold,
Carving out
A face
That's frightening and bold.
When we put
The candle in
And the light shines through,
Pumpkin man
Will come alive
And he will scare YOU! 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

For The Kidlets

It’s Halloween

When black cats prowl
and pumpkins gleam
ghouls awake
from an age long dream,
ghosts and vampires
shout and scream
it's Halloween, it's Halloween. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

For The Kidlets


Floating leaves,
Fallen acorns,
The pumpkin patch
Glowing bright
In the October sun.
Whispers of evil,
A small witch,
A warlock father…
This one, This one.
So proud
To be chosen
Out of
Oh so many.
How was I to know
By nightfall
I would be

Friday, 28 October 2016

Looking Back

The smell of bacon and eggs and toast in the morning (particularly the toast) always transports me back to my Grandparents kitchen in Aurora Ontario.
I would spend a week or so in the summer with them.  That heavenly aroma would pull me out of bed every morning before it was light outside.  Grandad would be sitting at the kitchen table (grey arborite with pull out extensions on both ends and chrome legs).  His place would be set perfectly with a place mat and the breakfast dishes
Grandad would be reading his newspaper while he waited for his breakfast to be served.  Gram would be dressed already in house dress and apron.

In adult years I have often wondered how she managed in that kitchen.  The working end was so small it could have been intended for a boat.  At most, tops, she had a working counter space of a total of four feet...if that.  Regardless of size, that kitchen turned out some amazing meals.  Gram must have been the master of organizational skills.

It hasn't changed much over the years.  The new owners have changed out the porch railing.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Little Boys And Rainy Days

Little Boys and Rainy Days
A blast of sun
is whipped away
as rain clouds bring in
skies of grey.
Umbrellas sprout
like mushroom tops
as we all wait
for the rain to stop.
I asked my grandson
what he thought
about the weather
God had wrought.
He said “I’m sure
He’s got a reason
but the cold and wet
has got me sneezin’.”
“Grandma can I sing for you
A song that I made up for you?”
Well of course you can.  A song for me?
This is what he sang to me.
“Rain clouds, rain clouds go away,
I don’t want to see your face today.
I want to see old Mr. Sun, 
shining bright ‘til the day is done.”

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

Elephant's Child has your Words for Wednesday writing prompt.  You can find her in my sidebar
The words this week are; noble, shine, expressive, charm, odd, biggest...and/or......passion, actuality, top, jar, elevator, angel.

here goes

"What happened Denise?"
"Jess, it was really odd.  We were coming down from the party on the 17th floor when there was the biggest bang and a jar and then the elevator simply stopped.  We were stuck somewhere between the 12th and 11th floors and there was the most hideous grating noise."
"Yes, me and old 'passion pit' Dan Harker.|
"Oh no!"
"You know, in all actuality, he was quite noble about it all.  Didn't pull out his (ugh) world famous charm even once.  Well...he did take time to compliment me on my 'expressive' eyes.    Said he'd never seen fear shine through such lovely eyes and he was willing to put his life on the line to save me."
"What did he do?"
"Climbed through the hatch in the ceiling of the car and stood on top of the elevator and jumped up and down."
"Wow!  It's a wonder he didn't kill himself.|
"I know right?  I'd say there was an angel in the elevator tonight and, I'm not entirely sure but, his name may have been Dan."
"Where are you now Denise?"

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Something for the Kidlets...Or The Kid In You

Bathtub Boogie Blues

It takes a lot to get me down.
I ain't a one for mopin'.
I take my troubles to the tub
and give them all a soakin'.

I turn the water on full blast,
pour lots of bath oil in,
make sure there's lots of bubbles, then,
water up to my chin....

Those troubles rise up to the top
and form a bath tub ring.
I lean me back, tip up my head
and I begin to sing.

Troubles, troubles
down the drain.
Ain't got no time for you.
Troubles, troubles
down the drain.
No time for feelin' blue.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Remember When or Showing My Age

Do you remember when you plugged in  a television and turned it on and that was all there was to it?  Do you remember when you picked up the receiver on the phone and dialed four numbers and that was all there was to it?  Do you remember brushing your teeth manually?  Remember when all there was for light bulbs was 100 and 60 and 40 watt incandescent bulbs?  How about when everyone had a real tree at Christmas?  What about when taking a photo involved looking through the lens and pressing a button?  Remember when you had a baby and you went to your mother and her mother for advice?  Remember when a guy could pretty much fix his own car or at least knew what needed to be done?  Remember when all a car did was go forward and backward and stop?  Ah the good old days when a person could cross the border with no fuss at all because Canadians and Americans were the best of friends.  How about the days when a kid was content with a quarter for an allowance and actually had to do something to get it?  Remember when street people were called bums and tramps?  Remember when people taught their children to have respect for other people and their property?  Do you recall the time when people on your street never locked their doors?  Did you use to write letters?   There was a time when everyone got the newspaper and actually read more than the funnies.  There was a time when we all tuned into the news in the evening on the radio.  Remember when there were six hockey teams?  Can you remember what they were?  Back then everyone knew every single player on each team.  Remember when you were a kid and you were expected to go outside to play every single day?  What did you play with?  Our mothers believed a certain amount of fresh air every day was important to good health.  They were right!
Of course there are many things we could remember that were not so great or so simple and that don't give us the warm fuzzys. but that can wait for another time.  What do you remember?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Good Grief

Okay.  I've been thinking I look a lot better now.  After all, I'm about 40 pounds lighter.  Okay, I still have about 30 to go but know what I mean?  I bought myself some new clothes that fit.  Well, they fit when I bought them but they are getting a little loose now.  Nothing to complain about, right?
Okay, so I went to HomeSense to look for storage hampers.  I always put 'The Little's' Christmas gifts in a reusable container of some kind so they can use them to store their treasures or keep their rooms organised.  In the midst of the search I noticed a display of really nice, big, wall mirrors.  Some of them were big enough you could just lean them up against the wall like you see in the decorating magazines.  HomeSense has some really nice stuff.
As I approached the display I could see this older lady sashaying toward me.  She was moving pretty good for an old broad with a cane.  I shot her a fellow cane wielding smile as we came closer together.  I got quite a start when I came nose to nose with her in one of the bigger mirrors.  Man that was a mean mirror.  You could see every bag, sag, wrinkle, crinkle, mole, age spot, bald spot, was all there....that old bag in the mirror looked terrible. ....and she needs new clothes.
I slunk off from there pretty quickly and found what I was looking for and skulked out to my car hoping no one was noticing me.  Sheesh....what a horrible thing to display right in the middle of the store.  Those mirrors should be way in the back behind the carpeting where no one can see you scare yourself like that.
I'm going to take a nap now.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Give It A Try

How about a writing challenge.  Try to use all the words in 25 words or less.
impractical, impolite, importuning, immeasurable, imperfect, improved

He is the most impolite, importuning imp I have ever met.  So imperfect it is immeasurable.  It is impractical to consider he could be improved upon.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Moonlight Hunter

A silver disk
casts purple shadow
of fir and spruce,
frosted brittle grass.
On silent wings
the hunter carries its prey. 
A grizzled muzzle lifts,
sniffs the air.
A clear call cuts through,
falls in frozen slivers, crystal shards.
Ears prick, noses twitch,
shelter is sought.
The fury descends again;
a white scream
across a blasted landscape.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Words For Wednesday on a Thursday

You can find this weeks writing prompt at Elephant's Child's blog.  Check my side bar to go there.
This weeks words;  prank, arms, regret, light, hostility, crime    and/or   astronaut, wolf, prophesy, guillotine, bootlegger and adorable.

Here goes:

"Aw c'mon Mom, Jay's parents let him play 'Death Walker'."
"We are not Jay's parents, we are your parents.  A game that graphically depicts crime, hostility towards women and promotes the bearing of arms by the general public is not suitable for you.  Why not play something light, harmless and fun like that adorable little 'Donnie's An Astronaut' game your grandma bought you for your birthday?"
"Yeah, for sure Mom.  I'd live to regret that decision if my friends ever found out.  I can imagine all the pranks I'd be the butt of."
"Well, how about we hit a happy medium with the 'Prophesy' game your Uncle gave you?  It's got a cute little cartoon wolf in it.
Adam smiled.  "Okay Mom.  That sounds fair."
After Adams Mom left his room congratulating herself on her victory,he dissolved into laughter.
Prophesy was a far more violent and dangerous game than 'Death Walker' ever knew how to be.  It encouraged its players to role play in the real world.  The Bootlegger character had a guillotine in his basement and Jay already had the plans for building his very own working model.  Adam knew he would happily share the plans with him.  Then they could decide on who to begin stalking.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Evaluate Your Life Day

It's true. Today is Evaluate Your Life Day.  Your opportunity to check out what's going on in your life and to get things reset on the proper course if you feel you have wandered off the footpath of life.
Take a look at your family, social, educational and financial lives among others.  Need an adjustment?  Today is the day.  Give yourself a good talking to.  If things are on track, celebrate.'s your life and it's your day.
and just so you know I don't dream these things up on my own, go to

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I have had a "thing" for jars ever since my childhood.
Come with me on an adventure to a dank and gloomy cellar.  Lift the trap door over the stairs, flip the light switch and down we go.  Down, down,  into the land of chill and dust and spiders.  Past the egg candling table and the ice box.  Past the coal bin.  Around all the items stored for future use. Through and around the shadows.  There...along the wall, under the tiny dirty coal dusty window....are the long shelves filled to overflowing with jars and jars of preserves, jams, jellies, pickles...... Our mission, and we have accepted it,  is to locate a jar of peaches for a cobbler to be served with supper tonight.  Surely this is motivation enough for any child to brave the horrors of ..duh duh duh duh...THE CELLAR.  The jars are dusty and require a little wiping with the sweater tail in order to see the contents.  This one?  No, once dusted this one glows with the intensity of a ruby.  This one?  No again, this one has the sheen of an emerald.   Ah, here we go, the luster of pure gold.  Peaches.  We can escape the cellar now but a trip down to the bowels of the earth would not be complete without that spine chilling glimpse into the dark of the unfinished section of the foundations.  Here, every spade mark can be seen in the earth where the men, my dad and grandads, hand dug the beginnings of our  home.  For some reason this section always sent strange sensations through my body.  A quick look and then RUN for the stairs, prize in hand, heart pumping.
The peach cobbler would be served with heaps of praise for the adventurer who braved the horrors of THE CELLAR.
Oh but those jars...glinting in the weak sunlight from that dusty window and from the single overhead bulb....jewels.  Precious jewels bought with the sweat and aching shoulders of two women doing their best to provide for their family.  They stood over hot wood stoves in hot weather and I never heard either of them complain.
Some of those jars reside in my cupboards now.  Not used for their intended purpose but still treasured and occasionally brought out to serve as a temporary canister, or to hold pussy willows in spring, sometimes as a coin catchall and once or twice as a tea light holder during a black out.  Those very same jars that held such priceless treasure in my youth.

Just What Makes That Silly Old Ant....

Two wee little men were standing in the line up at Stroms Farm Market with their Dad.  Each lad had a large wooden pumpkin mover on wheels behind them topped with what must have been the biggest pumpkin in the patch.
When their turn came to pay for the pumpkins their Dad picked up the first one (not without difficulty I might add) and placed it on the scale.  You are charged by the pound for pumpkins here.  While the transaction was being looked after the tiniest and most serious looking of the two little men wrapped his arms as far around the pumpkin on his trolley as they would go and gave a mighty heave.  It was like watching the silly old ant try to move a rubber tree plant.  Wee man number two rushed over to help.  There was much grunting and straining but eventually Dad had to take over.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Getting Ready

Pumpkins and bats and leaves on the wall
waiting for ghosts and goblins to call.

Everyone knows they want a sweet treat.
I had to find something I won't eat.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Not Yet

 Almost as Good  As New

I’m not as young as I used to be
But I’ll get older still.
For now I’d like to say
I’m not yet over the hill.
Oh sure, my legs give out sometimes
But for that I’ve got a pill.
My glasses keep me looking good.
Heating pads ease the chill.
I’ve not much patience anymore,
At times my voice is shrill.
The druggist calls me dearie now
When I pay my prescription bill.
But dang it all, I repeat
I’m not yet OVER THE HILL.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


I have a cold, probably a gift from the littles.  They often bring me things, usually germs and illness.  The momma has taught them to share.
My bronchials feel tight, my nose is plugged, my ears are burning deep down inside, my throat is sore and scratchy, my saliva feels gritty and I am hot and cold most inappropriately.
The worst part of all this ..... the hubs, Grand Diva, Drama Queen that he is, also has the cold.
God help me.

Oops I May Not Always Be Politically Correct

There are so many pitfalls these days that I have become wary of speaking.  I was raised in a time when certain expressions were used and I truly doubt that any, or at least many, of them were intended to insult anyone.  The latest issue in the news seems to be concerned with certain baseball teams names and logos.  I'm sure there is no intent to slur or insult on the part of the teams and their fans.  The problem is more than likely in the ears of the hearers.  Regardless, if someone is made to feel badly by the use of a word, term or picture we should all make a concentrated effort to not use same.  It's not going to be easy.  If I should slip and use an old time saying or description please forgive me..I'm old and habits are hard to break.  I have no desire to make anyone unhappy.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Why Oh Why

If only I would do my filing as it comes along.  If only!  It would be so easy to file one piece of paper.  Why do I keep stuffing bits and bobs under my calendar book until the whole mass threatens to slide off the desk?
I've just spent the better part of an afternoon filing away utility bills, insurance information (thank goodness, because it is time to put the new liability cards in my wallet and I had totally forgotten about it), Visa statements etc and throwing away empty envelopes and chipping paper I don't need to keep that has our name and/or address showing.  Couldn't I at least have thrown the envelopes out?  What is the matter with me?  And yet, I know if something comes in the mail in the next couple of days it will sit neatly under my calendar book until the next earthquake threatens to shake it all loose.  I absolutely detest filing.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Just Call Me

We have some jobs needing doing we are unable to handle ourselves.  Fortunately we have an amazing handyman who can turn his talents to just about anything.  We feel quite safe giving him a key and wandering off to leave him to it.  However, we have known him for so long he has stopped thinking of us as clients and adopted us as part of his extended family.  This can be good as when, if he hasn't heard from us for a while, he comes and checks on us.  This can also be bad as when he doesn't feel he needs a timetable or a warning phone call to let us know when he will be here to start work.  Many's the time, after a rough night, I have stumbled to the door in my jams only to find my bright eyed friend and his tool box standing on the porch.
Just a word of advice to tradesmen of all types.  Seniors are NOT all early birds.  Some of us have bad nights of little sleep and lots of pain and we need a little extra snooze time.  Call us the night before you plan on showing up to work so we can drag our wrinkled butts out of bed and put some clothes on.
There's no way I'm going to say anything to our handyman.  He's such a dear soul and means well and does a wonderful job.  So, as I know he will be coming SOMETIME this month to do some jobs for us I will be sure to be up every morning and dressed before 8:30 am whether I feel like it or not.  Hey, there's always nap time.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

Word's For Wednesday is a writing prompt that can be found on Elephant's Child's blog.  You can find her in my sidebar.
This weeks words are:  cheerful, caravan, some, gossip, crossfire, group     and / or    freaky, error, afterlife, decade, end and cruise.

Here goes:

They made a cheerful group as they followed the caravan across the trackless desert.  Debra, Jon, Mayline and young Edward chatted happily as they trudged along.
"Just think," Debra said, "We could have gone on that boring cruise and been stuck with some old gossip at our table.  This is much more interesting."
"Right," replied Jon, "imagine, just one freaky little error and here we are on the trip of the decade.  Maybe even the century."
"Say Jon, what does that sign up ahead say? Edward asked.  "I've lost my glasses somewhere along the way."
Jon took a long hard look through his binoculars.  "It says, 'Welcome to the afterlife and the end of your life's journey.'  That can't be right, can it?"
In the crossfire of comments from Debra, Edward and John, Mayline reached the sign and quietly disappeared.  The other three stopped dead in their tracks and gaped.  Finding themselves unable to take a single step backward or to stand in place for long in the burning sand there remained only one choice.
"End of the line folks." the camel master called.

25% Less

The tin of tomato soup I pulled out of the pantry advertised itself as "having 25% less calories than our regular tomato soup" in capital letters and bold face type.   Uh huh!  And you know what to expect from 25% less calories don't you?  Exactly, 75% less flavour.
The regular soup had to be coaxed and cajoled out of the can with a spatula.  The new soup rushed out of the can like a claustrophobic out of an elevator.  Not a good sign.
I heated, I tasted, I added Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper.  It wasn't bad.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Will You or Won't You?

Some of you may have noticed that when I run out of ideas I turn to the 'special days' calendar for we are again, clueless in Guelph.  Since I seem to have a fear of having nothing to write about it is only appropriate that today is "Face Your Fears Day".
If I took time to tell you all my fears the time it would take would only be exceeded by the amount of space required to write them all down:  heights, flying, water, snakes, bats, speaking in public..... the list could go on forever.  Will I "Face My Fears" today?   Nope!  How about you?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Tin Foil Man

Allow me to introduce you to Canada's newest super hero, Tin Foil Man.  Gaining his super strength from his carefully fitted tin foil cap Tin Foil Man gallops around the kitchen saving food (sometimes before we've had a chance to eat any of it).  When visiting at grandma and grandad's house with his momma, Tin Foil Man's grandma morphs into Tin Foil Woman, known for always having a box of the miracle product on hand.  Grandpa turns into Tin Foil Man's arch nemesis, Anti Tin Foil Man, always on the lookout for a chance to grab Tin Foil Man's hat and run away with it.  The momma is known simply as, the mother of Super Hero Tin Foil Man, a title she seems well pleased with.  She keeps a sharp watch for Anti Tin Foil Man and warns her little hero when his hat is in danger.
All foods are safe with Tin Foil Man in the house.  His motto is, "no leftover too small".
Canada's newest super hero
Coming soon to a kitchen near you
Tin Foil Man

Thanksgiving Day Canada 2016

Our small family gathers at the table today to give thanks for each other and for the basics (and more than the basics) of life.
Ten years ago today Thanksgiving Day fell on the 9th and a special gift was delivered to our family in the form of the wee man. Thanksgiving dinner was interrupted by a small, red, squalling slip of humanity demanding our attention and our love.  We spent the best part of the day at the hospital comforting, encouraging, cheering and admiring.
Today I watch our special Thanksgiving gift stuff himself with turkey and the trimmings and I give thanks all over again.
Do you have a special Thanksgiving memory?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

There Has To Be A Better Way

or at least, an easier way.  Please.
Take one mathematically challenged woman, add a ledger, account book and calculator and stand back - waaaaay back.  Be prepared for bad language, tantrums and displays of physical violence.  Stand ready to provide numerous cups of coffee and soothing and helpful words.  The bank book does, finally, balance with the accounts but it has not been an easy process.  There has to be a simpler way to do this.

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Today is

(drum roll please)



We need a day to celebrate  Octopuses?
(and yes, I did check the spelling)

Well, you heard about it here first
Take an octopus to lunch?
Have an octopus for lunch?
Maybe buy a T shirt?

I have no idea.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Where Are They Getting Them?

Yesterday I saw a squirrel shoot down the driveway carting a huge red apple in its sharp little teeth.  The thing was at least 4 or 5 times the size of the squirrels head.  I've lived in this house for thirty years and nowhere in the immediate area is an apple tree.  We had crab apples in the field out back but that's all been levelled for building.  Besides, those were itty bitty little apples.  Since I saw that squirrel I have seen several others, all lugging over sized, red, shiny apples.  I have found a few partially eaten applies in the driveway. This is reminiscent of the year we saw dozens of squirrels carrying huge (compared to them) corn cobs.   So, I have a question.  Okay I have two questions.
1.  Where are they getting them?
2.  Does anyone know a good squirrel chiropractor?  These little guys are going to have neck problems.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


It's Autumn
Canadian Thanksgiving is in four days
Halloween is at the end of this month
Remembrance Day is
November 11
and then
Doesn't sound too terribly bad does it?
Until you look at your calendar
and you realize
it's only
eleven weeks
to Christmas.

Got a plan?

I figure if I do a few things every week I should be in good shape.  I would imagine some of you out there have already finished your Christmas shopping.  Some of you, as you do every year, will leave the shopping to the last minute in the faint hope that someone will ban Christmas and you won't have to do it.   Not gonna' happen.  Some of you say the same thing every year, "I'm not going to start with Christmas until this and this and this have been taken care of."  Doesn't matter what comes in between, it's still only eleven weeks to Christmas.  Eleven weeks folks.  Look sharp.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fireworks In The Trees

Miss Autumn wields her paint brush
and heaves a gusty sigh,
watches as the clouds fly past
across a brilliant sky.

What colours shall I use today,
reds and golds might please.
When my work is finished,
there'll be fireworks in the trees.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

The words we are challenged with this week are;  fiend, imposter, flood, island, primitive, fix
and/or    happiness, curious, bubble, bizarre, degeneration and adrenaline.

Here we go:

It was a bizarre event that brought me to this primitive island.  The imposter, the evil fiend who impersonated my sister perished in the flood before I could determine her true purpose for bringing me here  I'll have to remain on the island until the storm passes.  The degeneration of the shelter I inhabit requires me to spend some time to fix it and render it water proof.  Who knows how long I will have to stay.  One tiny bubble of happiness remains for me...I have heard from my sister.  She is safe in New York City and in good health.  She is as curious as I am myself about the reason I was lured here.  With the approaching storm causing an adrenaline rush I am finding the energy required to make my last necessary repairs and to get in much needed supplies.  Good Lord...a knock on the door in this weather!  I feel an icy chill run through me.  It is a woman at the door.  It appears to be my sister.  How can this possibly be?

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