Thursday, 1 September 2016

The End of Life As We Know It

The kids are running out of time.  I remember that cold feeling knowing my freedom was about to end.  I couldn't enjoy the last few days.  All I could think about was the long dismal time ahead until the next summer.  Nothing could cheer me up....not shopping for new school supplies or a new book bag...not even the big brown paper wrapped bundle of school clothes from the Eaton's catalogue.
My heart goes out to all those little kids who are in misery right now....I know how you feel and I sympathize.  Hold on to thoughts of Halloween and Christmas break, Easter holidays and lots of professional development days.  Every little bit helps right?


  1. I was just saying in my blog this morning how much I had hated school in my youth. I skipped so many days. Now, in my cronehood, I can't get enough of it. Counting the days til next Thursday, first day of classes. Go figure.

  2. Four of my grandchildren look forward to going back to school, the other two don't. Those last two inherited that gene from me.


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