Tuesday, 13 September 2016


The phone is dead.  Our daughter came over pounding on our door frantically.  She thought WE were dead.
Thank goodness we have a cell phone.  It's just a little old fashioned flip phone but it will serve until Bell can get us up and running again.
Why didn't she just call us on the cell phone? never have it on.


  1. Oops.
    I irritate rather a lot of people by rarely turning my mobile on. Perhaps a rethink is in order.

  2. I tend to forget to turn my cell phone back on after attending a meeting or school. I didn't get one until about 4 years ago when we discovered the guy who lives upstairs was somehow getting access to my land line in the basement. I would come home from work and find my phone "in use". So we just cancelled the land line altogether and got cells. I do have a landline here in my new apartment but we rarely use it.

  3. Glad it was just the phone, must have put a real scare in your daughter. My pet peeve is when people have their cell turned off and they can't be reached.

  4. I panicked once when my sister did not answer the phone and her message had an ominous tone. I called 911 and police stopped at her home. She was at a movie with her daughter and when she found out what happened, she was not happy with me. She did not answer her cell phone either because, as usual, she had not turned it on.

  5. My son absolutely panicked when he could not reach us when we were in Chicago. My phone was dead, being charged. We finally contacted him, and he was upset/angry with us. Thereafter we obeyed.

    1. I've taken to checking the land line every morning now just to ensure it's still open. I'm still not keeping the cell phone on though...I would just forget to turn it off every night and to charge it.


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