Friday, 9 September 2016

Hop Along Squirrel

"Too bad you don't have your camera out here." the hubs said.
"And why would that be?"
He pointed to the side garden.  I looked at the little concrete bunny that sits on the cedar stump.  What the heck?  Bunny looked like he was wearing a tall fur hat.  I squinted and focused on the hat just as it sat up a little straighter.  It was a squirrel sitting there as unconcerned as could be.  It wasn't bothering him (or her) one little bit that he or she was sitting on a rabbit.


  1. Sometimes I am convinced that the little so and so's KNOW that when we don't have a camera with us. And are laughing at us.

  2. I have a funny little squirrel story. Where I used to live, we used to double bag our garbage in lawn and leaf bags and store it on until pickup day. Why no garbage pail is another story. Well, I started opening the door every morning and finding the bags torn open and a mess to clean up. I thought it was the cats. One morn I opened the door and a little squirrel was sitting on the banister nibbling away. So, from that day on I started buy them nuts and putting them on the porch for them. I always bought unsalted mixed nuts and not only found them gone, but also found my garbage bags intact. One day I stopped at the store and they didn't have any mixed nuts so I picked up some unsalted peanuts. Do you know the spoiled little things wouldn't touch them? They wanted the expensive ones.

    1. Dang squirrels ain't got no respect. Little devils eh?

  3. Yeah. It's all "Look what I can do!" until you have a camera in your hands. Good thing they're cute!


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