Sunday, 11 September 2016

Fifteen Years Ago Today

It seems like ancient history
it seems like it happened just this morning.
The event that signal ed a new world order....
a new way of living....
and the world stood still.
Since that day events have gone out of control.  Mass murder and mayhem have ravaged, shaken and racked the planet.  Our safe little lives have been shaken and stirred and will never be the same again.
Never again will we take safety and security for granted.  Never again will strangers pass each other on the streets
at events
in the malls and theatres
without taking a long, hard, suspicious look at each other.
I feel so blessed to have lived through a time when all seemed serene and peaceful.  It is only a memory now.
On this day, fifteen years ago, innocence died.


  1. Sadly true. Our world has been diminished.

  2. Together with those innocent lives lost 15 years ago, Innocence was one more death among them. Tears here.

  3. This was not just an American tragedy...nor was it just a North American tragedy...this was an event of global significance. Nothing has been the same, since. Nothing will ever be the same again.

  4. America has been forever changed. innocence is gone and fear rules.

  5. Delores, thanks to Sue at Elephant's Child, for making me aware that you're back to blogging again! Your post here is so similar to mine...we both share the same feelings about innocence. I'd say we are definitely kindred spirits! Sending you hugs.


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