Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Autumn Madness

The tree across the road has a tiny patch of colour forming on its upper most branches.  This is the 'signal tree' for our neighbourhood.  The next tree to show signs of colour is right next door to the 'signal tree'.   After the second tree shows it is 'no holds barred' as the others join in Willy Nilly in the madness that is Autumn.  Soon it will be time for our annual walk in the park amid the fiery blaze and whirling leaves.

The phrase Willy Nilly dates back to Aelfric's, Lives of Saints c1000.

The phrase No Holds Barred first appeared in the Manitoba Daily Free Press in Feb 1892...naturally it was an article about a boxing match.


  1. I always love the arboreal fireworks display - and hope you will take many, many photos.

  2. Autumn Oh, yes it will be beautiful. Hug B

  3. It is a beautiful and sad sight to see the leaves fall. I like them green and on the trees.


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