Friday, 30 September 2016

At Loose Ends Today?

Want something to do?
Here'a a writing prompt that will keep you busy for a while.
See if you can use all the words in one sentence.
disfigured, disgusted, display, disturbed, disgruntled and disjointed
Ed was disturbed, disgusted and disgruntled by the disjointed display in the local paper about the disfigured statue in the park.
See what you can come up with. (it doesn't have to be one sentence...I was just kidding).


  1. Although the chestnuts' display is loved by my horses I am disgusted, disturbed, disgruntled and disjointed while my bare feet are disfigured.

  2. Sorry, my ends are a little fat and frayed today, but not loose. :) I love the way both you and Gail managed to squeeze all of those words into a single sentence, though. (You smarties.)


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