Sunday, 18 September 2016

Apron Ladies

I bought an apron.
Now, before you shake your head and move on to something and someone more interesting, let me explain.
I come from a long line of 'Apron Ladies'.
My great grandmother, grandmother and mother and in due course, myself, were the Apron Ladies.  The first thing these three ladies did after rising in the morning and donning their clothes was to wrap themselves in a generous apron before starting in on their days duties.  Not just any old apron would do.  All aprons came to their owners from under the industrious needle of grams treadle sewing machine....Singer, of course.  Those aprons were a thing of beauty.....enough cloth to cover the widest cook, a comfy halter with a long looped tail hanging from it through which passed the apron strings before they were tied....took all the pull off your neck.  Rick rack trim for prettiness and always, always a hankie pocket.  All of us apron ladies had sinus problems.  Just sayin'.
The sewing machine operator in, naturally, an apron.

I haven't worn an apron in years.  Too fat.  They make them pretty stingy these days.  But, yesterday I was in HomeSense and stopped at the apron rack.  Years of tradition tugged at my heart strings.  I tried one on.  It fit.  I bought it.  I'm officially an apron lady again.'s nothing near as nice as Grams.  Maybe someday I'll find an apron made to the old pattern that she used and I'll buy a dozen of them.


  1. A tradition to warm the cockles of your heart.

  2. Never thought about it, but it does seem that the cook does not wear an apron anymore. Most people do not spend as much time in the kitchen as they used to with prepared foods and baked goods purchased more than cooked, also more casual clothes probably need less protecting. Maybe they will make a comeback..

    Good memories.

  3. I love "Apron Ladies" both my Grandmothers were "Apron Ladies" I have no idea why I am not. I do own some but usually end up dirtying my clothes. Glad you found one. Hug B

  4. I came over from Elephant's Child.

    I love, love, love aprons and wear them myself. They are so fun.

  5. I did give my daughter-in-law a Wonder-Woman apron apron a few years ago. I don't know if she ever wore it, but she did pretend that she loved it.

    I remember my mom wearing an apron. That is a memory that gives me a warm feeling. I hope you enjoy yours and get plenty of use from it.

  6. We've never been apron wearers in our family but I do think they're a good idea. Mine would always be in the wash, I'm sure.

  7. Both my grandmas and my mother all wore aprons, too! I loved them when I was young and I still love them. I have one or two, but like you said, they are nothing like those in 40s or 50s. These days they are SO expensive and you're right about them being very skimpy! Is that your mom or grandma in the photo? She looks a little like my paternal grandma! AND that kitchen......Oh my gosh, what memories that brings!! Thank you so much for sharing this....OH and I just remembered I posted a photo a few months ago of my maternal grandma, her sister, and both their husbands...and the two women are wearing their aprons! :) Here's the link if you've like to see it:

    1. That's Gram in the photo....I also have photos of my mom and my great gram in their aprons. Putting that apron on when I got home and starting in to cook brought tears to my eyes as I remembered all the good times with 'the apron ladies'. Do you have a HomeSense store in your area.....the apron I found was ten dollars and actually covered quite well. I may get another since I've already stained this one lol.

  8. I spent years NOT wearing aprons, but now I own three. I only wear them when doing something that might get my clothes dirty, frying steak for instance, or scrubbing greasy pots.
    I really like the idea of a looped tail for the apron ties, to take the pull off the neck, I may add one of those to each of my aprons; some strong, wide hemming tape should do the job nicely.


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