Tuesday, 23 August 2016

You Talkin' To Me?

I've pretty much always talked to myself...probably a result of growing up an only child with a severe shortage of playmates.  It doesn't help that now I'm married to a man who suffers from severe hearing loss as well as selective male hearing.  It's never been a problem.  At least, not when I'm home behind closed doors or outside in my securely fenced and treed backyard.  However, talking to yourself can become a bit of an addiction that takes over in unsuitable public.  It happened in the grocery store this morning.  There was a fair crowd shopping and I was hovering over the tomatoes declaiming on the merits of partially ripe, ripe and OMG what IS that smell when I noticed that I was quite alone in a sea of people that had parted far far to the east west north and south of me.  Huh!  Now what do you suppose THAT was about?


  1. If you talk with a bit of musical rhythm mixed in it works. This I know it sounds Crazy but if I dance it is not as bad for the crowd that gathers round:) Hug B


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