Sunday, 28 August 2016

Three Strikes and I'm Out

Good Grief.
Baseball.  On a one to ten scale for boredom it ranks right up there around a 20.
Can you imagine?
I have discovered to my amazement and horror that I know more about baseball than I ever wanted to know.
I don't watch the game you see.  I may be in the room while it's on TV (just keeping the hubs company you know) but I am reading or knitting or napping...NOT watching.  And yet....and yet, there it is....information...terms....words.....rules.....
I present for your disgust and dismay the following:  stadium, bleachers, dug outs, diamond, bases, home plate, pitchers mound, pitchers, batters, back catchers, umpires, in and out fielders, coaches, batting cage, curve balls, bunts, home runs, errors, balks, fan interference...the list goes on.  I'll bore you no further.
Why is my brain clogged up with this stuff?  At my age I need all my grey cells just to remember my way home from the grocery store.  I hate this.  Get it out of my head.


  1. Good luck. I have noticed it is very, very hard to get things out of my head. Earworms, and extraneous sporting blah...

  2. Ah baseball. The last summer before I retired my agency received several tickets to a Met game. Only about 10 clients could go and we needed counselors to escort them. So, because most of the group were my clients, I volunteered to go. Never again. To begin with, the seats were so uncomfortable and my aging back was feeling it. Secondly, everything was so darn expensive. I couldn't take my thirst so sprang for a coke. Think it was about $6. The sun was beating down on us all afternoon, and I'd had my hair braided and a baseball cap on. Unfortunately, when I took the braid out I discovered that the sun had not only burnt my skin, but also that part of my hair that stuck out from under the cap. Had to go for a haircut. The home team lost, nothing new that year. Would I ever go again? Sorry, couldn't pay me.

  3. Yes, my ,husband often says he would rather rwatch the game at home.s

  4. DELORES, I enjoy baseball if I am in the stadium eating a hot dog or two. The dogs taste better there and the game is more interesting. How nice to read you again😉!

  5. I have this to say about baseball: I'd much rather be playing. And we all know how that would be !!


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