Thursday, 25 August 2016

There Ought To Be A Law

 The Jehovah's Witness are on the street this morning.  Now, I don't begrudge anyone their personal beliefs.  I don't mind if they worry about the rest of us who don't lean their way.  If they want to pray for us that's okay too.  BUT...I DO mind that they come to our door, knock on it with no regard as to what we may or may not be doing and harangue at us about the excellence of their ways compared to ours.
I've tried opening the door and explaining politely we have our own set of beliefs but that just leaves one open to unwanted conversation.  I've tried just saying "no thank you" through the closed door but then they stand there knocking and ringing and shouting "we're not selling anything"...(yeah...right).  I've posted a good sized note on the front door asking them politely to desist and not to leave any literature but I found that they then started going to the side door instead.
Now when I see the car and the ladies with their tote bags I close the blinds and windows and lock the doors and ignore the knocking and ringing.  When I'm pretty sure they've vacated the street entirely I open up again.  It's a nuisance.
There ought'a be a law.
Of course, I don't like it when 'alternate carriers', politicians, kids selling chocolate bars and pretty much anyone else  comes to the door.  It could be I'm just crabby.


  1. You are not alone in your crabbiness. No thank you moves them on here though. Mostly. It is the telephone calls around dinner time which send me feral. We are on the Do Not Call Register. And it doesn't stop them. And charities and politicians are exempt. Sigh.

  2. The do not call list worked for quite some time but I find now that we are strting to get the calls again.

  3. I got rid of our JWs. I offered them some of my literature. They haven't been back! :)

    1. Maybe I should offer them a blood donor registration form.


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