Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Enough Is Enough

I just fired someone.  Never done that before in my whole long uneventful life but MAN did they deserve it.
You see, a few years ago the hubs developed pneumonia that landed him in hospital for two weeks and on oxygen for a few months.  We hired a lawn maintenance company to fill in for him.  In the meantime the poor guy also developed glaucoma and now his eyesight is less than peachy.  We continued on with the lawn company.  The first year was great, the second year was fine, the third year was....okay, but this year, this year it is not only not okay it is freakin' terrible.
I bought a lawn mower today.  A little light electric job.  We'll manage somehow even if I have to push it using my cane.  I am not paying another red cent to those people.
If you live in Guelph and want to know the company name I'll tell you...otherwise, I don't want to bad mouth anyone here.


  1. It is very hard to fire someone. However, if they did not do a good job and their service continually got worse, you had no choice. I hate the thought of you having to do the mowing yourself. I hope you try to find a replacement Landscaper.

  2. I hope you were braver than me. I have only fired anyone once (and they too deserved it) and my heart was in my mouth the whole time.
    I too hope you find someone reliable to take over.


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