Tuesday, 24 April 2018

What The Heck?

A van attack on the streets of Toronto, Ontario.  It was just a matter of time before Canada started experiencing this world wide phenomena.  Nine dead and several injured.  The usual story of first responders arriving on scene, police taking down the suspect, everyone wondering what the mind set was that caused this event.  What the heck IS in the minds of these misfits when they decide that injuring and killing perfect strangers is going to make THEIR world a better place?  I'm sure we'll find out in a few days what his excuse was for driving a vehicle into pedestrians.  Apparently it had nothing to do with least that is the current opinion of those investigating.  That could change I suppose.  What now?  Are we all to stay off sidewalks.  Are we to erect concrete barriers between roads and sidewalks?  Do we need the army to patrol our cities?  Do we make anyone wanting to rent a white van take a mental health checkup first?  There is so much tension in the air you could cut it with a knife.  Everyone looks at everyone else with suspicion.  People avert their eyes on the street so as not to make eye contact with anyone else and perhaps arouse a violent reaction.    What a nutty world we live in.  

Monday, 23 April 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  (you can find Diane in my sidebar)  Each week Diane provides us with a theme which we can use or totally ignore and wing it.  This week the theme is Mr. Sun.  Why not join in and write a little something?

on velvet feet
a whisper in the room
a flash of emerald
in the gloom
to pounce and play
on mice to prey
but oh what bliss
when comes the day
in sun warmed comfort
there to lay
to sleep and dream
the whole long lovely
sun drenched day

with thanks to the internet for just the exact right picture.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

It's Not Easy

a square peg in a round hole
sharp, brittle edges
exposed to the hammer of acceptance
required to 'make it fit'
damaged beyond repair
every chip, every sliver removed
making it that much less of itself
not enough of 'another'

to everyone who tried to make me fit into their round hole of were wrong
to everyone I tried to make fit into my square hole of acceptance...I was wrong and I'm sorry
we are all unique, individual, special, beautiful and we all deserve to be ourselves

as Kermit would say, it's not easy being green

No, it's NOT easy being green.  It's not easy being yourself.  But, it is SO worth it.  It takes some of us (me) a long time to get there but when we do....oh the light.  Be brave.  Be yourself.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

I think I'm 'losing it'.  So, I'm sitting in Williams fishing out a debit card and a quarter falls on the floor.  "Rats" I think to myself, "I'll get that in a minute" and a lovely young man one table over gets up and returns it to me with a smile.  Two minutes later I do it again and the same young man again gets up and returns the old ladies quarter to her.  I am now beet red with embarrassment.  I get up to leave Williams and button up my coat (with difficulty for some strange reason) .  By the time I get home I realise I have buttoned my coat incorrectly.  I look like a two year old just learning about buttons.  "Look at me, I did it all by myself."  In the car I turn to the husband and say, "I'll just stop by the post box and you can drop that letter in the box that was delivered to us in error yesterday."  "Where is it?" he asks.  Shoot, I forgot to bring it with me.  At the bank I do my weekend update and when I get back home I realise I intended to pay the Visa bill but forgot to bring it with me..indeed...forgot Visa entirely.   Help.

Monday, 16 April 2018

A Great Invention

Elastic bands were invented in 1845 by Stephen Perry....let me just stand up here and say 'thank you'.  The stretchy bands are more than likely the most important invention in the entire world.  I mean really, come on now, what would we do without elastic bands.  How would you hold your hair back for one thing.  We use elastic bands to hold items together, keep too full boxes closed, I use them on the ends of my knitting needles after a hard days knitting to keep the work from sliding off the end.  They hold my needles together in storage.  So many uses.  How many of us, as kids, made a guitar out of a small box and several elastic bands?  I hold my disability permit on the sun visor of the car with elastic bands.  Today I discovered a brand new use.  We had some severe weather this weekend and so one of my preparations was to keep a thermos of boiling hot water on hand in case we lost power and needed a caffeine hit.  When the time came this morning to dump the thermos and clean it out I couldn't get the top off.  (the top looks like half an orange)  There was no way to grip the darn thing to get it turning.  What to do, what to do.  I wrapped three elastic bands around the top and used them as a gripper.  Worked a treat.  What do you do with elastic bands?

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find Diane in my side bar.  Each week Diane provides us with a theme from which to start.  You can use the theme or not...whatever you like....
This week the theme is Spring. 

The hyacinth we brought home last spring bloomed and was fragrant
when it died
was tossed aside
in a corner of the basement and forgotten.

Just last week, in a frenzy of cleaning
it was discovered with three, magic,
spires of green thrusting through the cracked soil.

We set it in a place of importance in our living room window,
watered and sunlit
green and growing;
a resurrection.

When it dies we will toss it aside,
to be surprised by the miracle;
life from death

I have to admit this is not new and fresh writing.  It is several years old.  My poetry brain is on vacation this week.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

It Makes Me So Tired

Is anyone else as weary as I am of trying all the time to be 'politically correct'?  Is it politically correct to say politically correct?  This is how ridiculous it has gotten.  The other day I was ordering my coffee at Williams and it suddenly struck me that perhaps it is not right to ask for your coffee 'black'.  I got as far as saying "one with milk" and then I stalled.  "And the other?" the girl at the till asked.  "Without?" I managed.  "Black?" she asked.  I guess it's still okay then.  I find myself censoring every single thing I in fear of accidentally insulting someone.