Monday, 16 July 2018

Poetry Monday

 Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  Each week Diane provides us with a theme which we can use or ignore and free style a poem.  This week the theme is music.
I’m struggling with this as music is not a huge part of my life. 
There is music
That can touch you
And music that can
Move you
And music that can leave you
Feeling blue
There is music
That can bring you low
And music
That can make you glow
And music can inspire
This I know

Not so good…I know.   Second attempt.

There is a Great Composer
who has written the best score.
To hear His work
simply step outside your door.
The patter of the rain,
hear it gurgle down the drain,
the whisper of the wind
amidst the leaves.
The chirping of a bird,
The song demands to be heard.
The rushing of a river,
a gift from the giver.
All of nature sings the song
of praise.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Continuing Story

Further to the previous post (I'll wait here til you catch up) the wee man has gone home.  He is most put out with his grandparents for not buckling under and being his willing slaves.  It's hard.  He can be a sweet little guy but you soon find out that's only when he   wants something.  It appears he is a manipulating conniving little hoodlum at times.  No doubt tomorrow he will be on the phone and wanting to come back because things aren't going his way at home.  This is going to take some  time and patience on our part.  Kill or cure I guess...although it may be us who get the short end of the stick at least at first lol.  We still have not heard from the authorities if we have been approved as his co-parents so we are just motoring along acting as though all is well.  In actual fact it may work out better all round if he is removed from the home and placed somewhere with people used to this kind of situation.  It is a 'wait and see' kind of a thing.

The Wee Man Has Landed

The wee man is in residence for a few days.  He came last weekend for a day and a half before he needed his momma.  This visit he has been here since approximately 7pm last night. It is now 11:24am....he has, in this order, peed all over the bathroom floor, sprayed half a can of one squirt air freshener all over everything in the bathroom including the mirror which I can't get clean (I can still smell the darn stuff everywhere in the house), had to have three blankets and a snuggle pillow before he could sleep, has talked complete nonsense since his feet hit the floor, spilled veg juice (expensive non fructose corn syrup veg juice) all over the porch, table, cushions and is still gabbling nonsense non stop, has taken three bites of breakfast and three bites of lunch and proclaimed himself full.  Now do you understand what I mean when I say developmentally delayed.  He will be 12 in October and so far today the highest age he has reached is 3. I knew what I was in for but man I'm pooped.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

You Too?????

I have a problem with losing words.  I've had this problem for quite some time now and it worries me a tad.  For example, yesterday I lost 'boycott'.  I wandered through my brain and opened dusty old cabinets and boxes but I couldn't find 'boycott'.  Every once in a while it would zing across my brain but I couldn't grab it in time.  This morning I lost 'charismatic' for a brief period.  That darn word danced on the tip of my tongue and flashed like a shooting star across the neurons in my brain but it was so fast I couldn't hang on to it.  A little later on in the day I was thinking of something else entirely and BAM there it was holding hands with 'boycott' and looking like it had always been there.  So frustrating.  Do you lose words too?  Is it an old age thing or Alzheimer's disease or have I just crammed so many words in my head that it takes a while for the right one to surface?  (I think I'll go with that last one.)

Thursday, 12 July 2018

It's Different

Getting older (not old, you understand) is an interesting journey.  Parts wear out and need replacing for sure but that's just wear and tear.  What's interesting is other peoples response to the ageing person.  They hold doors for you, they smile at you when you are slow and  holding them up, they laugh at your outdated jokes even though they don't know what you are talking about.  You can get away with saying things you couldn't have said a few years ago.....I encouraged a young man to go through the intersection at Williams calling out cheerfully to him, "go ahead son, I like a moving target" he just laughed and trotted through taking a chance I guess that I didn't mean it.  (I didn't)  The chap behind the counter at Williams will often tell me to go sit down and he brings the coffee to our table.  When we sit on our porch people walking by always wave and call out hello to the two white haired ancient ones sipping their coffee and watching the world go by.  Neighbours often cut our front lawn for us or blow snow out of our drive for us.  Much appreciated.  We usually get them a gift certificate for gas in thanks.  Yes indeed, it is very interesting.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  This month the words are brought to us by Vest of The Daily Gaggle.
This weeks words are:
Observation, enjoying, dining, capacity, manufacture, embarrassed
journey, business, baptism, subject, loudly and surprised.

Here we go:

Not in the least SURPRISED by the observation drone hovering outside the window, 92b1 left the personal pod at precisely 12:00 noon and headed for the DINING room for lunch.
The 11:30 lunch shifts footsteps echoed LOUDLY in the corridor as they made the JOURNEY  back to their individual pods.
92b1 contemplated the SUBJECT of lunch until the OBSERVATION deck was reached.   A surreptitious   scan of  the mezzanine failed to detect 201T9."Who are you looking for?” the green suited officer demanded.
“201T9” 92b1 mumbled,  EMBARRASSED to have been caught by a Green Block officer while attempting a human connection.
“11:30 lunch shift seemed to be ENJOYING the MANUFACTURED substance they had for lunch.  I suggest you make it your BUSINESS to do the same.”  The officer wheeled smartly and strode away.  An observation drone took over surveillance.
92b1, face frozen into a compliant non expression, headed for the dining room  unfortunately, no longer feeling any CAPACITY for the synthetic meal that would be provided.

my apologies, I couldn't seem to work in 'baptism'

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Everybody out of the cave now.  Standing ovation from here.  Now.....what WILL we have to talk about lol?