Monday, 22 July 2019

Poetry Monday

 Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane (On the Alberta Montana Border).  You can find her in my sidebar.  For some time now Diane has been providing us with a weekly theme which we are intended to use as inspiration for a poem (or pome as Jenny would say).  Diane has been busy lately so Jenny and I have taken to providing the weekly theme turn about until Diane can come back and take over again.  This week the theme is ‘THINGS THAT CAN COOL YOU DOWN’.

Cool Man
I like to be cool, man..
I mean, like,
you dig?  Cool!
Floppy hats and sunglasses,
sitting in the shade,
drinking water….
just doesn’t look cool.
But then
sweat running down your face,
squint lines
and sunburn…
also not cool.
I guess it’s better to BE cool
Than to like,  LOOK cool
So you don’t, in the summer heat,
Look like a fool.
Dig it?

Okay Jenny.....what's the theme for next Monday?

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Still Get Chills

Like so many this weekend I have been looking at the old black and whites of the 'lift off',  the landing, the first step and the successful re-entry and splash down.  I have heard the first words broadcast from the moons surface, seen the dust from the first footprint, watched those few bounding steps on soil not of earth.  Each time I watched I felt the same anxiety for the men involved, felt the same excitement and pride those involved felt with every successful stage accomplished and each and every time shed tears of relief and joy and shared pride when they safely landed and we saw them alive and well. I also shed tears for that time gone by....the youth, the vigour, the hopes and dreams of the day.  We were so young and so innocent of what mankind is really capable we know and we hang our heads in shame.  What have we to be proud of now?  What good did landing on the moon do us?  It seems we are heading backward into a darker time, spinning out of control....
oh golly, sorry for being a downer but the world situation is truly worrying me these days.
I hope we can see Mother Moon tonight..she's been hiding behind clouds the last few days...possibly as embarrassed of us as I am.

Friday, 19 July 2019


It's a hot one here in South Western Ontario...the humidex is nudging 40.  Thank goodness for AC.  We're all hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that we don't lose power.  Our hallways outside our units are NOT air conditioned....if two people are standing out in the hall and one of them takes a deep breath the other one will pass out from lack of oxygen.  Seriously.  The only creatures enjoying the heat and humidity are the mosquitoes.  I'd sit outside but there's a bylaw against feeding the wildlife.
We've had a thunderstorm roll through and more to come so we're told.   A few more days of this and then we may get a break.  What's the weather like where you are?

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Puddling Along

Pencil crayons and watercolour pencils....I'm still doodling and trying to get my mojo back.

this one is pencil crayon

watercolour pencils for this one and the next

I think I like the middle one best.....showing hopeful signs.....anyone else out there struggling?

Words For Wednesday

It’s Words For Wednesday day again and the prompt words can be found on the Wisewebwomans site….The Other Side of Sixty….she’s in my sidebar.
Prompts for today, a photo of a multi storied old house with a square tower that could have been used for the Adams Family movie … plus …
School, highway, redhead, crow
Yarn, spider, knife, beef.

“What IS your beef?” Dana demanded, tossing her brilliant red hair over her shoulder in frustration.
“That midnight yarn Ted told us about the abandoned orphans school on the highway gave me the creeps.  I don’t care if it is pouring rain and freezing out here I am NOT following you into that decrepit  old mausoleum of a house.  I can just imagine it’s filled with spiders among other icky things.”
“Well you can stay out here in the rain if you like but I’m going in.”
Jane sighed and followed her adventurous friend through the sagging door into the black void of what was left of the old mansion.  From somewhere upstairs a crow called out a warning in its raspy voice.
Dana felt her  foot hit something small in the darkness that skittered away from her across the floor.  She aimed the pencil thin shaft of light from her keychain flashlight at it.  In a voice that trembled slightly she said, “Maybe you were right about coming in here Jane.  There’s a knife on the floor and it’s covered with blood….WET blood.”
“Good evening ladies….”

Monday, 15 July 2019

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane (On the Alberta Montana Border).  You can find her in my side bar.
Each week Diane gives us a theme to run with.  She’s been busy lately so Jenny O and myself have taken it turn about to provide the weekly theme.  This week was Jenny’s turn and she has provided us with NOTES.
I’m afraid the theme this week took me to a dark place.  My apologies in advance.

The Note
in the cool silence of the room
the note
announces itself
speaks volumes
demanding attention
“gone out – back soon”
it says
and so, he waits
as his life ticks slowly by
measured by the mantel clock
until it becomes obvious
NOT back soon
not back yet
not back
others come
he watches out the window
murmuring to himself
“back soon – back soon”
his hands find the pen
the paper
he writes his own note

Next weeks theme is THINGS THAT COOL YOU DOWN.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane (On The Alberta Montana Border).  You can find her in my side bar.
Once  a week we are given a theme to ‘run with’.  Lately, Diane has been
otherwise occupied so Jenny O and myself have been taking turns providing the theme.  Last week  Jenny gave us ‘drones’.  This week the theme is GARDENING.

Butterflies in my garden
Flitting flower to flower,
Pausing in the cool shade,
Resting in the bower.
Butterflies in my garden
In shades of brightest hue,
Making everyone smile
With the lively things they do.
Butterflies in my garden,
Beth and Lilly May,
Shout and laugh and giggle
All the live long day.
Butterflies in my garden
One dark and one so fair
Run and jump and bounce and play
And toss their lovely hair.
Butterflies in my garden
Are the crop that I love best,
Raised with the most tender care,
Most surely we are blessed.

Alright Jenny.......what's the theme for next week????